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Barron on Esty

Bishop Barron on Netflix’s “Unorthodox” and the Modern Myth of Origins
"Bishop" Robert Barron | 28.V.2020

How would you like to imagine Jews making reproaches to someone of a Nordic Marrano (Jewish Christian, as Anglo-Saxons and Scandinavians often say) background for wanting to R E M A I N the Catholic he converted to from, not Judaism, but Lutheranism, as if he were some kind of counterpart to Estie ...?

3:56 As to the other version of the Modern Myth of Modernity's Origin's, have you considered how much space opera there went into convincing people of Heliocentrism?

Galileo's Dialogo, Fontenelle (also promotong Old Age), Euler's Letters to a Prussian Princess - even in my childhood in Austria, midway through big child age, 10-11, I could ask, centuries after Euler "what if Earth really were the unmoved centre" and get an answer "to people on other planets, their planets would have just as much a right to be the centre".

I don't think he was referring to Henoch and Elijah living on Venus, since not yet dead, not yet eligible to pass through pearly gates, and still having some Apocalypse 11 work to do, I think he was referring to Tatooine and Simlane. And in earlier versions Jupiter and Mars as in Ellen G White and Swedenborg.

Adding two posts/links:

New blog on the kid : Rick DeLano

Creation vs. Evolution : No, Sibley, and thank you!

The latter goes into the background in history of ideas, the former delves into some of the evidential questions too.

5:37 English was actually the last of the three languages I didn't chose.

  • 1) Swedish, when gramp came from Sweden
  • 2) German, as per Viennese surroundings
  • 3) Ma told me, we are going over to the States and I am learning English "can't I take French instead?"

Since then I have chosen to learn a few other languages, like Danish, Dutch and French from age 13 (in school I had to chose between French and German, could have taken Spanish). And failed to learn some others.

For me, my religion was not given me, except some basics of Christianity by mother A F T E R I had already had a go at Evolution and Big Bang belief. I believed in Scooby Doo and no spirits before I believed in the existence of evil spirits and the necessity for sanctification to rely on the Holy Spirit.

8:47 Between Judaism and Catholicism, where the balance tends to tip, Judaism stands for destiny and Catholicism for freedom. Escaping an unchosen marriage is part of what we honour Sts Barbara, Lucy, Agnes and Agatha for, not forgetting Cecily or Dorothy or Libussa.

There are Calvinists and Jews who argue Catholicism is corrupt B E C A U S E Sts Francis, Clare and Aquinas are canonised. They didn't obey their fathers, you know ...

I recall my second Father confessor (Anders Piltz, OP Tert, also my docent in Latin, teaching Medieval Latin and Virgil, notably) telling me to go and watch Dead Poets' society. My reaction was, the suicide was due to an oppressive Protestant Rich Father who could arrange for his sons plans to be thwarted. A certain nun in Sweden ... I looked her up, I think it was Catharina Bromée ... (Broomé if the wiki is correct), a dominican religious, wrote in Katolsk Kyrkotidning that the person played by Robin Williams, John Keating, was responsible, since he had given the youngsters too much freedom too fast.

I start getting concerned when I hear you taking the side of Destiny here too.

Let's suppose Esty were a real person, that kind of life (the one she got in Berlin), could have been the road to a Christian conversion, and even more or less monastic ones, like Eugene Rose, called Seraphim Rose, like Merton, Thomas, I think there may have been some nun too ...

Emptiness is a thing that can be discovered by those living it, whether libertinism or agnosticism. And therefore corrected.

As in a certain parable ... "why stand ye here idle?"

9:44 In Lund, a firmly Catholic position, whether at Classic or at Slavic/East European Institutes was not extremely welcome, confirmed.

I recall getting seated next to a girl on the first masquerade ball, before we danced, she had stated she was not against abortion, so at the slow I tried to keep some distance, I'd prefer the children I make not executed by that kind of lass, and I have a horror of condoms, and guess who got a reputation of perhaps even gay, certainly "got an issue" ...

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