Sunday, November 29, 2020

Geocentrism Defended

Warp Drive News. Seriously!
Sabine Hossenfelder | 21.XI.2020

This limitation* applies to objects in space time, not space time itself. [echoed from 1:29]

Now, if we consider aether rather than space time the place of vectors, it would mean, applies to objects within the aether, not to the aether itself.

This is my exact solution for fix stars, at probable height of 1 light day above earth, doing 6.28 or 2pi light days in one day : they are not moved that way within the aether, but the aether itself is moved full circle around earth each day. From East to West. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars are moving much slower than that through the aether from West to East, besides these are not even the height of one light day.

* "No object can accelerate from slower than light to faster than light, since that would take infinite energy." - Of which God disposed when He set the aether moving around earth on day 1, and still disposes.

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