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What About Harry? As in Potter ...?

Harry Potter and the Catholic Church
12.IV.2016 | MayHeBePraised

The following is not one long comment, it is, in usual way, a series of short ones in response to different parts of the video:

Magic school for fun?

Well, real just goofy magic school fun can be had outside HP. "L'école de magie Abrakadabra" involves fun about a neighbouring "Muggle" couple (to borrow HP terms) in which the wife always sees the spooky things and the hubby, nose over newspaper never does and tells her she is seeing things, spells gone wrong (with a vengeance) ... but not really serious.

For my own part, any school setting is very unfun to me since I went to a boarding school.

I think that comic is originally Italian, it rings a bell its author having an Italian name, not sure if there is an English translation.

zubren ostumbi
a***le f*** u

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@zubren ostumbi Like ... why?

I have heeded a warning against HP (worded by a fan of JRRT and CSL, otherwise I might not have cared), never read even one book, and started to get put off even more when reading this:

Since you are a fan, what do you think of it?

Fun fact : VOLDEMORT in ASCII adds up to 700. Take away the T, which looks like a cross, you get 616 (a minority reading of Apocalypse 13:18, majority and probably best patristic support is for 666), and Voldemor sounds like a dialectal version of Valdemar = Vladimir ... Or perhaps that fact is not really fun ...

7:41 Totally acceptable for children of all ages?

Ron's solitary habits?

Excuse me, but society is understood as a human condition allowing people to reach their full human potential?

Catholic social teaching?

Any encyclical previous to Vatican II?

If you meant in St. Thomas Aquinas, he was not thinking about the "nearly equal to state and institutions" sense of "society", he was thinking of how for most people living around people is preferrable to being a hermit!

At 6:16 in the warning that I read against HP, I was actually reading that, on the contrary, some formulas are very realistic as to sorcery (it may have been sth stamped as evil in HP terms too, like Avada Kevadra, but still), and this was born out by the studies in real sorcery the author had as studying for exorcism. (I think it was an example from the first book).

6:42 Moses' miracles are comparable to those of the Egyptian sorcerers, but not identic in nature.

He did not go to a magic school to learn them (despite some Jewish claims one of the Pharao magicians he defeated was a "former Dumbledore" to him).

Moses is acting on direct instruction from God. Jacob when painting the ewes may have acted by curiosity, but a blessed one, not one informed by a set theory of sorcery. In Tobit, it is the angel who is dealing with the magic utensils.

In other words, the parts of the Bible where good people are closest to doing what HP, Ron and Hermione are learning, are parts where the setting is morally very different.

No one is allowed to read books or go to lessons on how to turn staffs into snakes and back. St Thomas thinks, the Pharao's magicians did that by demons very quickly shuffling pre-existing objects, but Moses' staff was transsubstantiated. By God's omnipotence. You are NOT supposed to learn how to make deals with demons, and you CAN'T count on God chosing you to turn staffs to snakes.

I think the next two guys who will be doing such things on God's behalf are Henoch and Elijah (second possibility : Moses and Elijah ending in Holy Land, Henoch and the other Henoch going to India) as described in Apocalypse 11. Not me and not you.

What I could do to contribute to identify them? I can just say, let linguists test them.

Henoch would know how the 32 palaeolithic symbols relate or don't relate to the Hebrew alphabet, Elijah could certainly correct a Hebraist or perhaps even an Egyptologist on linguistic guesses. Elijah would very certainly be able to give the real, if any, differences between 800 BC Hebrew and 800 BC Moabitic or Phoenician. Oh, some real ones are already known, but any further ones, not yet detected. And a good linguist, me not being that on this high level, would know for certain they were giving the right solution.

And this was forgetting how many old languages Henoch and Elijah could have learned WHILE in the heavens.

Is Etruscan a very old dialect of Hungarian? They would fairly certainly know that. What are the remaining guess-work or not even a qualified guess for Hittite, Hattic, Sumerian? They would perhaps know.

But of course, once people start opposing them, they will document their being who they are in a more tangible way.

"and you CAN'T count on God chosing you to turn staffs to snakes."

In fact, I wouldn't want to. I don't relish the idea of touching snakes. Remember how Moses took them by the tail when turning them back to the staff? (Or if it was a same snake rather than successive ones?)

7:04 is not Catholic or even Christian

Well, depends on how loosely you will use Christian:

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