Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Jimmy Akin Believed Nothing with Covid Vaccinations has to do with Apocalypse 13

Here is where he said so, with Pints with Aquinas:

Mark of the Beast + Other COVID Conspiracy Theories w/ Jimmy Akin
9th Jan. 2021 | Pints With Aquinas

Here is my comment:

1:53 It so happens, "hand" and "forehead" are not the only places a mark could go, even if they are standard translations of "cheir" and "metopon".

Cheir involves anything from ellbow to fingertips.
Metopon has a variety of meanings, one of which is the face cover of Greek helmets, the word is so found in Authenriet, the lexicon of Homeric Greek. Now, before you object that St. John wrote koiné, not Homeric Greek, Homer was still read.

Iliad A' is the first literary work in which the false god Apollon is called Apollyon, also found in Apocalypse.

Some false gods were mainly non-entities, so while demons could creep in with the cult dedicated to them, the pagans did not necessarily have the means of realising those gods were demons, because they weren't, they were non-entities. I'd not cite "Helios", since I believe an angel is guiding the Sun, but I can cite "Helios as first cousin of the most high." And Hermes overall would have been a non-entity corresponding to such various different entities as guardian angels, magician Hermes Trismegistos, magician Odin, non-factual communications between non-extant Homeric gods.
Some had lived as men : Hercules, Hippolytus, Romulus, I'm fine with adding Krishna and Odin.
But some were directly involved, even as the Pagans themselves saw it, with demonic activity, like self fulfilling catastrophic prophecies or giving and then withdrawing plague - which was the issue with Apollyon in Iliad A'.

May I remind you what the Hippocratic oath swears by? (Citing, not reciting) : "I swear by Apollon, Asklepios and Hygieia".

I do not know what the RNA-vaccine will do to you, but I don't like what I have heard. In making it, one used first fullblown viruses cultivated in human fetal cells, and only then one isolated a part of the genome (a piece of DNA from the shell) and made bacteria produce it without more fetal cells. The more classic vaccine is using disactivted viruses that were cultivated on ... yeah, you guessed it. Human fetal cells.

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