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Lizzie Reezay took on Vatican II Opposers, Vaccines and Our Lord's Brothers and Sisters

Did Jesus have siblings? Vatican 2 HATERS. Writing A BOOK! Why I WON'T veil at Mass! | Ask Lizzie 33
7th Jan. 2021 | LizziesAnswers

2:19 "not for the vaccine"
Oh yes, it does. You cannot get research on a specific vaccine without cultivating the pathogen.

With bacteria, it's no problem.

With viruses, it used to be with bovine livers back at original mass produced small pox vaccine, but now animal cells are abandoned in favour of cell lines from aborted feti.

What is however decades back is the abortion that the cell lines are from.

I thought this was an anti-vaxxer wild claim, but here you have a hospital saying so:

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia : News & Views: Why Were Fetal Cells Used to Make Certain Vaccines?
Published on Apr 25, 2017 in Vaccine Update for Healthcare Providers

3:44 "we just trust Church authority"

After 1986, can "John Paul II" and his successors be safely claimed to represent it?

You know that in divine law, deposition from Church jurisdiction is immediate on preaching heresy, as was actually stated by Pope St. Celestine I in 430 AD, just before the Council of Ephesus.

Dimond brothers made a well researched video on the topic:

Great Proof Texts For Sedevacantism Show That Francis Is Not The Pope
8th Jan. 2021

You can of course say they don't represent the majority of Catholics, which is true if Vatican II accepters and Novus Ordo accepters count as such, but that doesn't mean they don't represent reality - since reality is not by majority vote.

14:07 I think the actual Greek for cousin is "exadelphos, exadelphe" or "anepsios, anepsia".

My explanation why the word is used has to do with Deuteronomy 25 (I think the chapter was) with Ruth : closest male relative having the right and duty to marry widow and make a child who counts as child of a man deceased without male heirs. Moses only spoke of brothers, but Ruth shows actual application involves wider family relations if no live brothers are available.

Greek Kinship Terminology
Published online by Cambridge University Press: 23 December 2013
M. Miller, extract

Zack Pearlman
Jesus had many siblings. James, Joseph, Judas and Simon, ALL mentioned in the Bible (Mark (6:3) Matthew (13:55–56)). They have also found James' Ossuary (the place his bones were put after his body decomposed). This girl knows nothing about the Bible.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Zack Pearlman The question is not whether they existed, but why they are called "brothers".

Someone who pretends to know the Bible but thinks Mary gave birth to them is actually deviating into heresy.

on separate post Zack Pearlman tried to tell me not to listen to Lizzie Reezay

20:00 While St. Irenaeus is your patron saint from confirmation, I think you have one Mrs Elisabeth Cohen - first cousin of the mother of God - as patron saint too.

21:53 Have you noted how many Atheists have a beef with both Catholic institutions and Calvinist redemption theology without realising these things don't belong together.

One more on vaccine:

Dr Yeadon’s (former Pfizer VP) Coronavirus Vaccine Safety Petition
POSTED ON DEC 4, 2020 on

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