Sunday, January 10, 2021

Position of St. Robert not just his opinion, but the teaching of Pope St. Celestine I

Great Proof Texts For Sedevacantism Show That Francis Is Not The Pope
8th Jan. 2021

4:23 So, by 1990, since 1986, it had been clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the Chair of St. Peter was vacant?

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Introibo's Latest Answer Deserves Some Philology

4:55 Ne tamen vel ad tempus, eius videatur valere sententia, qui in se iam divinam sententiam provocarat ...

Pope St. Celestine I, To the Clergy and People of Constantinople, AD 430.

Thank you for the reference! Does it have a number in Denzinger too?

7:31 Paul Natterer, I think formerly SSPX, in his sermon series, late 80's, at least had the honesty to admit his position is not that of this saint, but of Cajetan. He did not cite or presumably think over St. Celestine 430.

9:05 "Non è lecito convencerli della tua fede. Il proselitismo è il veleno oiù forte contro il cammino ecumenico"

Added to the "with a magic wand quote" for reference of his being heretic.

Creation vs. Evolution : Two "Magic Wand" quotes

Reference this time : Speech to a group of Lutherans, Paul VI Hall, Oct 13 2016 ... noted. Anniversary of Fatima too ...

9:39 "sin against ecumenism"
nuff said ... grazie Bergoglio, sappiamo che sei erético ... o che prédichi l'eregìa

21:50 "is that the seat of St. Peter is vacant"

Does not follow from non-papacy of Francis, you would also have to show that none of Palmarians, Bawdenites, adherents of Boniface X have a real Pope.

I had previously taken "Alexander IX" as a Feeneyite claimant, also Conclavist or claiming election by Imperfect Council later perfected by him or predecessor, but this has after I thought so been claimed to have been an internet stunt.

With Colinists, at least those adherring since 1968 to "John Gregory" are not under a true Pope since he admitted female clergy.

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