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Matt Fradd took on the End Times

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What You Need To Know About Anti-Christ (From Scripture and St Thomas Aquinas)
26th April 2021 | Pints With Aquinas

1:51 I wonder if the Stein would really not spill over after two minutes of beer poured in?

3:11 No, I am not sure you know of Mother Basilea Schlink, Lutheran "Marienschwester" of Darmstadt abbess (I think they have converted since ... no, the site still marks "Evangelische Marienschwester" - evangelisch not meaning US Evangelical, more like United Church of Canada, except the partner of Calvinists are Lutherans in this case).

Me and ma visited her monastery, and we got or bought two books, one on angels, and one on the Apocalypse. The latter is exactly where I first heard about the Antichrist, unless I had already made it in my NT reading to the Apocalypse.

6:04 St John Paul II = Antipope Wojtyla with two or three miracles each inadequate.

French nun cured from Parkinson symptoms - recovery at invocation was not quite final.

Hispano-American woman cured from a brain damage - recovery was gradual, though non-naturally fast.

Someone (I have just one man's words for it) in India also woke up from coma - natural explanation not excluded.

So, he said what? His words [those here cited] are obviously correct. I think this Eucharistic conference of Philadelphia may have been before the Cold War ended (I didn't hear you say a year), and back then, apart from two events in 1986 (visit to synagogue and Assisi) he was decent.

24:20 No one preaching false doctrine can work miracles ... St. Thomas Aquinas as per your citation.

Well, the two miracles up to Wojtyla's canonisation weren't such and the third one I heard of wasn't such either, according to old standards:
  • quite final healing
  • that is sudden
  • and cannot be explained naturally.

Have you noted, you posted the video on the anniversary of Chernobyl - 13 days after Wojtyla in 1986 walked into the Synagogue as an humble visitor. He did so 13.IV.2021 and on Gregorian 26.IV you obviously had Julian (ecclesiastically relevant for Ukraine, where Chernobyl is) 13.IV.

11:57 The Catechism of the Catholic Church or rather of a not so Catholic one....

On this topic it seemed OK.

27:00 Modern authors to like: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and Clive Staples Lewis. Both for fiction and other writings.

I tried Dostoevski, and found him unreadable, bc too emotionally screwing up, if the words don't seem to gross (I read first half of Crime and Punishment in a stretch, with caffeine pills to keep me awake, and never picked up second half).

But I've heard of what he's about, and I'd say Tolkien is Dostoevski made readable. So, on occasion, is CSL.

Heard of Father Elijah, started reading Lord of the World (in which Antichrist is an US president, this was written before there was a Soviet Union).

[deleted comment with time sign. bef. 28:00]

I posted about "Catholics" who aren't Young Earth Creationists, which is part of keeping the traditions written or oral, and my dialogues with them.

You seem to have done some Jewish style gatekeeping.

I will tell you one way in which you do NOT fight the Antichrist like Father Elijah is suppposed to do: single out one layman, impoverished by lack of editor, and do gate keeping to impoverish him some morebecause he just might be the Antichrist or the False Prophet.

I found your deletion when trying to post this answer:

28:05 ... of the Church He established.

You might want to check out with a hierarch who actually still is Young Earth Creationist (like Sts Augustine and Thomas Aquinas) as well as Geocentric (like these too).

I am only a layman, but I adher to Pope Michael.

28:22 I actually do know what plastic is, as far as the material science is concerned : polymers. Large molecules of hydrocarbons from petrol joined together in even larger ones.

I also do know that very cost-effective ball point pens started when Marcel Bich - a French baron, producer of fountain pens and pencils - decided to make sth better than Eversharp, Waterman and a few more. The ball point is made of tungsten,and it's polished for 10 days to get the exact right shape. Fortunately, it is also very small. The ink is a secret recipe of Bic company, and together they allow the pen to write a line of 3 kilometers.

I read about it the other day.

28:35 I do not have the skill to actually wrap a cigar or make a lense, either for magnifying glass or for goggles, but know to an approximation how the process goes.

29:03 I think you misdefine the role of the papacy somewhat.

Certain parts of knowledge belong very directly to the revelation, and obviously they have been given to the laymen through generations of bishops defending them.

Other parts less directly, but knowing them is still no sin. This involves historic details about Genesis. It may on occasion become more urgent, for instance to defend the Young Earth Creationist position which is part of doctrine on more than one account (goodness of God's initial creation of man, fall, inerrancy of the Bible, infallibility of the Church through the ages) ...

The papacy on such a matter would not be in the role of proposing, but of judging.

If certain hierarchs or seeming such pretend to be not yet ready to judge my work, they pretend to be judging it as something more than the work of a writer, and they may be doing so because they know they cannot judge without judging themselves.

  • They approve my work - they condemn the recent anti-YEC stance and the past treatment of me;
  • they condemn it - they show they are treating recent changes as dogma and will therefore give sufficient warning to many more real Catholics now accepting them to shun them (Mil Sneler, Robert Sungenis and a few more).

29:27 That we can know

Yes, I agree. But exactly how long ago is magisterium still magisterium to you?

Is what Bergoglio said last year still magisterium? Is what Ratzinger said before him, if [Bergoglio] doesn't repeat it still so? Is Pope St. Pius X still magisterium? Is St.Augustine still magisterium when he speaks like a young earth creationist (not a literal six days, that's another question)?

De Civitate Dei. When I converted in 1988, no one could authoritatively tell me, I had to quit being a Young Earth Creationist. The Wojtyla decisions with Ratzinger from early 90's had not yet condemned "Fundamentalist Bible exegesis". But I was told more informally I didn't have to be a YEC, and in Sweden this was a strain, socially, and I was reassured since I was still accepting so much supernatural truth which the Modernists in CoS didn't believe, and I took kind of time off. Reading Aquinas was obviously steeping me in both Young Earth Creationism and Geocentrism, but didn't move me to a definite stance. Reading De Civitate Dei, which is also very relevant for end times, did.

29:58 if they aren't faithful to the Church Christ established

I feel kind of pointed at, from the side of those taking Bergoglio as actual Pope.

we shouldn't listen to them

Observe there is a difference between listen to what someone has to say - hear him out - and hear him as a good source.

Anyone taking Bergoglio as Pope, since he is Evolutionist, has prima facie a case for me being a bad source. But there is a difference between that and shutting me up and making sure some of my comments aren't read by deleting them, not speaking about my blogs and thereby generally ruining my prospects as a writer.

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