Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Mutually Small Respect with Susan Kelly

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Susan Kelly
The pope now accepts evolution. What consequences will follow? I see the universe and us created in 6 days will now come under question and the consequences from this acceptance being the collapse of faith?

You prefer insanity to evolution? Progress requires evolution, be it idea, language, understanding…

Hans-Georg Lundahl
The alternative to progress is not insanity.

Susan Kelly
Depends on context. In answer to this particular situation, it would be. Without evolution, the ability to co create heaven on earth with man through free will wouldn't be such work as to require a timeline, as it would just be. If the concept of evolution shakes ones faith, where is this faith and in what? Surely, one can not deny evolution when looking at the history of our Earth. Faith is not denying evidence to support what the evidence is in fact supporting, however, this does seem to fit insanity in my understanding. Thoughts???

Hans-Georg Lundahl
21h ago
You miss that Young Earth Creationism very clearly places human freewill at the very beginning of the timeline, and it is tainted only by original sin and by personal sins.

While evolution on the other hand pretends human freewill (if any) developed from clearly unfree animal mentalities and is therefore tainted by those too.

“ Surely, one can not deny evolution when looking at the history of our Earth.”

History is not looked at, it is told. I believe the true early history of earth up to pharaonic Egypt is told in chapters 1 to 11 of Genesis.

“Faith is not denying evidence to support what the evidence is in fact supporting,”

You have offered no evidence to sustain evolution. I am not taking your bare word on the matter.

Susan Kelly
10h ago
I did not miss, or as you have, assume, anything.

I will keep my faith in God.

You can keep yours in Man.

We can't talk to the dinosaurs, but I have seen them in a museum, and fossils of all kinds.

We are simply different, I am a visual mathematician when I take an IQ test, therefore I deduce by observation.

You, by admission, need to be told what to think.

What either of us believes changes nothing in reality.

Evolution does not deny God, evolution is proof of Grace!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Just now
“need to be told what to think.”

No, but I do need to be told what happened. Mathematics won’t solve that for you. As said, there are plenty of subjects that are looked at rather than told, but history is not one of them. If you think otherwise, you have been told what to think.

“We can't talk to the dinosaurs, but I have seen them in a museum, and fossils of all kinds.”

Have you seen in situ where fossils come from? I mean especially land fossils, like dinosaurs, pelycosaurs, Uintatheria, pterosaurs, Biarmosuchians, Cretaceous ducks and frogs and crocs, sabretoothed tigers and mammoths, etc?

Or have you at least taken the time to find out where they come from?

I have. As far as I know there is not one place in earth, outside musea, where you find a pelycosaur under a dino under an Uintatherium under a mammoth or sabretoothed tiger. Or even any two of them in order. As far as land fossils go, you have one fossiliferous layer per place. In aquatic fossils, you may have several layers and there would be reasons in the seas why trilobites are found below whales or elasmosaurs. And I don’t think you find any where an elasmosaur is below a whale.

Which is totally consistent with all fossils coming from rapid burials in the Flood of Noah. Some could come from post-Flood land slides too, one way to solve the discrepancy between carbon dates usually more recent than 40 000 BP and that being carbon date of Flood (the two other ones being : Neanderthals and Denisovans have disappeared as pure races before the Flood which has a more recent carbon date, or dinos tended to live on places where a pre-Flood nuke war augmented the radioactive parts of their carbon).

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