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Sungenis Also Answered CMI's Video

CMI vs Geocentrism, Again · Spirograph Patterns · Sungenis Also Answered CMI's Video

Video was here, but see below:

Geocentrism Debate: Carter/Sarfati vrs. Sungenis
"Première diffusée il y a 5 heures" | Robert Sungenis Channel

Format of the (former) video : Sungenis and collaborators cut up the previous one by Sarfati and Carter and add comments.

Format of my post : I have already previously commented on their video, now it is about Sungenis' comments. I stop the video at the time signatures and then comment where I think his defense of Geocentrism needs some completion - or appreciation. It may be updated or get completions, as I get further around the video. Right now I am on 21 minutes of more than 3 hours.

8:57 Kepler indexed 1664 ... note, the elliptical orbits were not the issue, solely Heliocentrism and perhaps also mechanic causes of moving celestial bodies were.

Riccioli advocating elliptical but otherwise Tychonic orbits and angelic movers was not put in that index as far as I know. His Almagestum novum was published in 1651.

On the first section, you missed that Buridan, Oresme and Cusanus were none of them Heliocentrics - or at least I don't know for Buridan. But it would somewhat surprise me.

Cusanus considered Earth is not absolutely immobile or center, since only God is such.

Oresme considered Heliocentrism theoretically possible, but pointless and therefore eschewable for reason of economy.

11:42 Parallax and aberration could obviously be explained by Neo-Tychonian model - but also as a misjudgement of proper movements of fix stars performed by angels, by angelic movers.

The latter is a good answer to the distant starlight problem.

What the Doppler effect has to do in "proofs for Heliocentrism" is beyond me.

18:07 It can be noted, one of Copernicus' arguments was "spirograph patterns are too complex to be regular and pretty and worthy of God's creation".

Geocentrism with Tychonian orbits involves Spirograph patterns:

The Strange Orbit of Earth's Second Moon (plus The Planets) - Numberphile
14th Sept. 2021 | Numberphile

20:40 Ah, yes, exactly - "the precept that all celestial motions must be explained only by uniform circular motions or combinations of such" - thank you, I. Bernard Cohen!

Copernicus though spirograph patterns unworthy of God as Creator ...

From his "Revolution in science", 1985. p. 112.

Thank you Robert Sungenis Channel for the reference!

And for those to Kuhn and Feyerabend saying Copernicus did not add to exact predictions!

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So, did youtube close the video for supposed copyright infringement, or did Robert Sungenis close it in order to not deal with my comments? I don't know.

It seems someone of these people, on CMI or on Sungenis' staff, is not OK with his material getting commented on by someone disagreeing./HGL

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