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This Travel Guide is Misguided by Israeli Schools About History

The JEWS are NOT the Indigenous People of the Land of Israel (But then who is?) | 5 June 2024

2:04 ... strongest connexion: the Jews ... and Christians ... and to a somewhat lesser degree Muslim, in traditional Palestinian populations ("Jewish Palestinian" = Mitsrahi) The three groups started out their existence speaking Palestinian Aramaic, a language they inherited from their ancestors the Hasmonean Jews.

Muslim Palestinians changed it for Arabic in c. 900, Christian Palestinians after the Crusades had failed, under Muslim pressure in the Counter-Crusade, while I think Mitsrahi Jews preserved Jewish Palestinian Aramaic somewhat better.

2:28 While a Palestinian who's Israeli Citizen is termed Israeli Arab, the term is misleading.

Palestinians are not from the Arabian Peninsula. IN Arabic, it is not correct to refer to them as Arabs, but like Maghrebines or Egyptians, they are Mustariba. "Arabised" by the Muslim Administration.

There is more of German and Pole in the Ashkenazi than of Peninsular Arab in the Muslim Palestinian (and basically no Peninsular Arab ancestry in the Christian Palestinian) population.

2:40 The ritual law of the Torah has not been kept for nearly two thousand years.

3:37 The Palestinians of Jerusalem descend as much from the subjects of King David and of King Solomon as the Mitsrahis of Jerusalem.

4:22 You are perfectly correct that getting rid of Muslim rulers was good riddance.

The Muslim Palestinian doesn't mainly descend of those, unless he's a Shareef, in that sense descending from them on the paternal line, more precisely from the first Muslim ruler, but when it comes to the mass of his ancestry, the Muslim Palestinian is Palestinian, that is Israelite.

5:21 And in his time, Jerusalem was under Byzantine and Christian rule, so it's very improbable that the Al Aqsa was the "furthest Mosque" if there was even a physical counterpart to the Mosque in his dream.

5:44 I think the story is somewhat different.

It was actually in a somewhat later turn that a Caleef of the Umayyad dynasty, I think, invented this to get traction from parts of the Muslim world that hadn't opted for him.

Given that Muhammed was able to pose as receiving a brother of the prophet Jonah from Nineveh, I'm pretty sure the Muslims back then were sufficiently ignorant for such a stunt to work.

6:40 Did you call the Muslims "god-loving"?

Not the true God, as per their Qoran. Some may rise above that, but that could be because God knows they or their grandchildren will be Christians.

7:28 While I mostly think you got the site of the temple all right ... just what if you had been fooled by the Muslim authorities?

8:17 Christian sources say, the temple we are concerned with is in Heaven. As far as I am concerned, that's same coordinates as the original temple, but one light day up.

End of Apocalypse 11. Btw, you might want to read verse 8 as well.

9:07 The first Christians were hardly telling the then Jews that Jesus was "one of you guys" ... the Christians and Jews were a split within the same population, and no way the Christians would be telling the other side that Jesus had been one of them.

Apocalypse 2 and 3 says what we think Heaven's perspective was on those Jews who rejected Jesus, and the later Gospel of St. John (same author) uses "Jews" in the narrator voice as to indicate "ok, let those guys keep that name here on earth" ...

Check how St. Paul of Tharsis adresses the first Christians in Corinth:

1 For I would not have you ignorant, brethren, that our fathers were all under the cloud, and all passed through the sea. 2 And all in Moses were baptized, in the cloud, and in the sea: 3 And did all eat the same spiritual food, 4 And all drank the same spiritual drink; (and they drank of the spiritual rock that followed them, and the rock was Christ.)
I Cor. ch. 10.

He's claiming the New Testament continues and completes the Old. He's also claiming his audience all or most had a birthright in the Old Covenant.

Michael Rosenzweig
Nah just history and archeology. He's not religious

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@michaelrosenzweig3234 You know, he gets history wrong, because he gets religion wrong.

9:11 The Muslim may have wanted to replace the religions, but he only wanted to dominate the population (within or through the new religion).

9:56 Only Jews and so far stateless Palestinians saw this as their own land.

[10:00?] 2700 years ago, that kingdom is ancestral to:
  • first Christians (Jesus descended from that King!), who are ancestral to Christian Palestinians
  • Jews
  • Muslim Palestinians, mainly recruited from both groups as far as those remaining there are concerned.

That is a matter of history, and whatever religion you have may change how you feel about it, or perhaps even if you think the ancestrality counts, but it does not change the ancestrality.

10:28 If they found a Latin text here in Paris, I'd probably be able to read it. Some reservations on paleography ...

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