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4 Reasons Spain Did Not Fall For The Protestant Heresy
28 May 2024, 5-Minute Catholic Apologetics & Living

3:30 Inversely, Spanish heresies were not spreading to mainland continent.

Alumbrados. Do you think Pentecostals are closer to Luteranos or to Alumbrados?

10:24 Reglas para sentir con la Iglesia ortodoxa.

... have confidence in office and person of the Pope.

The Greek Orthodox would more typically be called Fotianos. (Photius died in Communion with the Pope, so Cerularianos would be more approropriate).

Half of the ones you enumerated, 11:13, are unknown to me. John of Avila? John of Alcantara?

[Seems to be Peter of Alcantara]

11:54 "It never went after Protestants" ... wrong.

Some of the guys burned were Crypto-Jews, but some also were "Luteranos" which in fact means Calvinists.

The criterium for being prosecutable was valid Baptism. A Protestant who had grown up Catholic obviously had that.

In some parts they decided not to prosecute cradle Anabaptists ... because their Baptism was invalid. I think this was the case in parts f the Balkans, for instance.

12:28 My probably saddest moment on the Camino in 2004 (apart from ladies rejecting me) was hearing Spain was introducing "gay marriage" ...

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