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Contra Petrovich ... and Against Those who Warn me Against Myself

Has This Archaeologist FOUND The Tower of Babel?
Is Genesis History? 29.V.2024

Hans-Georg Lundahl
No, he hasn't.

The Zigggurat of Eridu is dated to 5000 BC, as I recall his content, and that date, is, according to my tables:

2182 BC
70.704 pmC, so dated 5032 BC

By contrast the real beginning and ending dates of Babel are (Biblical and carbon, the former obviously the real ones, the latter useful for finding your way in archaeology), these:

2607 BC
43.438 pmC, so dated 9507 BC

2556 BC
51.761 pmC, so dated 8006 BC

If you tell Doug Petrovich this, I think he can tell you what other Archaeologist found the City of Babel in the 1980's ...

Eyes wide open
Who dated it, you? Im guessing not. Do you know if everything you have been told across the board is the truth? No you don't. Have we all been lied to before, and are we all still being lied to about everything today, yes we are, constantly. So that creates all sorts of problems

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@EYESWIDEOPEN00 "Who dated it, you? Im guessing not."

I have done these RE-dates.

My method is, take a Biblical event (or otherwise historical with good chronology) with a carbon date attached, check the discrepancy or the kind of extra years the carbon date involves (the instant "age"), calculate the carbon 14 level in the atmosphere back then, you get a thin grid of dates, then fill in intermediate probable carbon levels for intermediate real years, then calculate carbon dates for those years too, and now you have a more dense grid.

You are BASICALLY asking me to distrust my own work, because I don't know the guy who did it ... duh!

@EYESWIDEOPEN00 One more thing.

Before you ask me how I knew what carbon levels went with what age implications, there actually are carbon 14 calculators online. I use them.

IT Master
It would be very interesting to see his response.

Endo oi
@hglundahl Carbon dating is nonsense, completely unscientific and based on a lot of assumptions.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@itmaster3805 Indeed, it's not the first time I've tried to get in touh with him.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@endooi5476 Some of the assumptions are reasonable, with or without Biblical chronology, some need to be rethought with Biblical chronology, that's what I do, but the assumptions do work for the last roughly three millennia.

If you are from South Africa and think of the painting that was very recent, and dated to 10 000 years ago, the paints were arguably not just flax seed oil, but also acrylic, and acrylic involves fossil carbons, i e carbon that's from back in the time of the Flood.

[other comment of mine]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
0:49 Late Uruk expansion ...

What about Europe even to Spain and Ireland getting people from the Neolithic Anatolia, which has a cross-over with Mesopotamia?

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