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A Catholic View of Alcohol

A Catholic View of Alcohol · Drinking in Moderation is OK · Narcissism and Selfishness do NOT Define Sin

Catholic view of Alcohol! | When it can become a mortal sin
LizziesAnswers | 8 July 2023

Below are my comments on video, and dialogues, the first in response to a comment by me.

0:53 I thought St. Gambrinus was the patron saint of brewers (and by extension of my grandfather, when he was at work)?

Augustine of Hippo?

6:22 On a country road in certain parts of Ireland, where cars drive slow and not meet very often, I don't think taking a beer before the last part of the ride is endangering anyone's life.

In defense of a man I hitchhiked with in 1986 - the same trip to Ireland where I also bought a folder on the Rosary for my upcoming conversion (received in 1988, before Monsignor Lefebvre was declared automatically excommunicated, and by a priest who approved of him "except for the lack of obedience" - he used the Novus Ordo).


That's not Ireland in 2023.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@wolfthequarrelsome504 There are two roads from Tralee to Killarney.

One of them is N22. The other is more winding. I still think that other one could be more empty, since those in a hurry would take N22.

11:58 What of friends who pressure you to eat more and more?

Like, I am homeless, and some Muslims who know a real solid meal will not allow a small amount of alcohol to make you even tipsy, when they see me take a small amount of alcohol, they get eager to provide a big amount of food.

What if a light meal and alcohol (2 - 4 cl pure = c. 25 cl wine or a pint of beer) will make one pee well and then sleep well, while a big meal will make one wake up too early next morning (even 1 am) and not be able to get back to sleep?

12:34 Let's take the kind of friends (not only Muslims) who would like me to drink no alcohol at all, or if I do, have no benefit of it.

Do they give me the peace needed to pray a rosary? No.

Read a book ... nice the day hours are long now. I did manage to finish "Fantômette contre Fantômette" day before yesterday - before the eyes of some who were worried to see me lying down. It's about as long as a Famous Five. I have not been able to finish a Lord of the Rings [reading] since I became homeless, while, before that, I used to do yearly complete rereads.

A walk? Public transports in Paris leave me lots of stretches to actually walk on foot, even if I take a transport.

Talking with friends and family? Hmmm ... family I don't know. Friends (not the kind I mentioned) who are not willing to be seen with me at all times.


The Rooted Word (Ukraine)
An ad for alcohol was played before this.

That's SO funny!!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@LizziesAnswers I hope it said "always drink with moderation" -- alcohol ads in France are required to.


I beleive that some facts were fabricated. That is why there is such a contradiction. Remember, Martin Luther also said that the Church leaders were fabricating facts.

Therefore, I hope you are also convinced that they have fabricated facts. I beleive Jesus never gave alcohol to anyone.

Church leaders wanted to drink alchool , so they just came up with this imaginary story thag Jesus gifted alchool to someone.

Come on ! Everyone knows that Jesus said Alchool is your enemy.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Are you suggesting that the Church of martyrs was faking Gospel texts?

Are you aware that the Old Testament commands the use of alcohol on festive occasions? (Probably does not apply to Nasirs).

Are you saying Jews faked the text of the Torah as well, even if the laws are not commonly listed in divergences between Masoretic, Samaritan and LXX?

Are you a hardcore, like a Muslim, or a lightcore like people who make believe that Jesus transformed water to unfermented grape juice and that's what St. Paul was talking to when it came to St. Timothy as well?

"Jesus said Alchool is your enemy."

No. He didn't. Even the word wasn't in use, since the original use of it was for distilled liquor, and that was invented much later.

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