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Brett, Formerly Miss Cooper, Had Some Things to Say

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Why Isn’t This Girl Married Yet?
21 mai 2024, The Comments Section with Brett Cooper

God bless you for this matchmaking!

"In the past, women were forced to accept this reality" ...

No. In the past, women could bypass that by getting an older man (less pimples, often better economy).

Plus, she's the age when men in the past were ready to marry, while for women it was more typically 14 -- 24.

7:21 Men from 18 to 29 opting out of the dating pool?

Sounds like too many of them are heeding the advice "be worthy of the [kind of] woman you want, first" and getting stuck in self improvement, even well beyond getting an income!

(Speaking of which, I'm a writer, I want an income from what I already write, too many take that remark as a cue to promote some "work on yourself" to me, when I'm 55, so already in a bad position with definitely younger women, as a woman of 55 or even above 30 is challenged in fertility).

8:33 "the luxury of marrying young"

What a heartbreaking reflexion on modern society!

I mentioned "14 to 24" which is a stat taken from royals and nobles, but even a commoner like Elizabeth Ann Seton:

On January 25, 1794, at age 19, Elizabeth married William Magee Seton, aged 25, a wealthy businessman in the import trade. Samuel Provoost, the first Episcopal bishop of New York, presided at their wedding.[8] Her husband's father, William Seton (1746–1798), belonged to an impoverished noble Scottish family. He had emigrated to New York in 1758, and became superintendent and part-owner of the iron-works of Ringwood, New Jersey. A loyalist, the senior William Seton was the last royal public notary for the city and province of New York.

She's a Catholic probable saint by the way (beatification and canonisation dubious as by antipopes, but I have no doubts about her personal sanctity). (Yes, she converted after this Anglican background).

8:55 I have heard the full comment by Noelle Fitchett, by now.

There is a thing she never mentioned.

"many men are not pursuing marriage at a young age"

Yes, OK, what about somewhat older men? As per being 56, I have a stake in this.

"he gave me some 9:15 marriage advice we talked about my 9:16 husband"

W a i t ... you did the right thing! You married!

I missed that fact, congratulations!

12:26 "this is the advice I got CONSTANTLY as a young woman"

May I guess? Teachers told her that kind of thing ...

I had been a teacher before I got into trouble, (no, I didn't lose my job and get into trouble at the same time), and one of the things that really hurt me, there was this couple in ninth grade, and each was so encouraged to find themselves and consequently they split up.

He wasn't into ballet, she wasn't into hip hop, their surroundings were not into encouraging them to some give and take to make a couple.

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