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Nuns of Belorado~Orduña, Poor Clares!

Assorted retorts from yahoo boards and elsewhere: Nuns of Belorado~Orduña, Poor Clares! · New blog on the kid: Yet Another Reason to Prefer Pope Michael II

Nuns Fight Rome's Attempt To Destroy Them By Embracing Sedevacantism
Return To Tradition | 20 May 2024

4:38 I have fond memories of the food and book store in Le Barroux.

Now they seem to have added monastic style (but not monastic reserved, obviously) sandals. Isn't what I found back then, or I might have bought a pair of those too.

Good wine, good olive oil, good nougat ...

The monastery is Sainte Madeleine, where Dom Gérard Calvet was first prior and on joining the Ecclesia Dei side, became a sui juris abbot.

6:02 They probably analysed, as do Sedes, as do Conclavists (I'm one) that the FSSPX style of recognising and resisting is de facto schismatic.

Like, recognising habitually and resisting on a specific occasion, that's one thing. But reiterating and reiterating the resistance is kind of treating papacy as if it weren't papacy.

I think Ecclesia Dei guys often make the same objection to the FSSPX.

6:49 As a conclavist, I'd say the see of St. Peter was vacant for 32 years, 1958 to 1990.

Or max 40 (if Pius XII lost papacy in 1950 by Humani Generis or in 1951 by embracing a date of the earth at 5 billion years).

So I also don't agree the papacy has been vacant for 65~66 years.

By the way, Pope Michael I before he passed away in 2022 (2nd August) had already defined that the episcopal lines, I presume he meant for Latin rite without excluding validity of Byzantine rite, of:

  • Duarte Costa
  • some Old Catholics
  • Thuc
  • Lefebvre

are valid apostolic pedigree/succession.

His successor obviously took the name of Michael II.

16:09 I said three Hail Mary both for the nuns and for Belorado.

I looked up in my pilgrimage blog, it was 26 of August 2004 that I was in Villamayor in the morning, but 4 to 8 km further on in Belorado, which celebrated the patronage.

Las Fiestas Patronales de San Vitores son el 26 de agosto y las fiestas de Gracias son el primer fin de semana de Septiembre.

La fiesta de la patrona "La Virgen de Belén" es el 25 de enero.

El primer día de fiesta se arranca con el Chupinazo, una serie de petardos que inauguran las fiestas de dicho año. Seguidamente, las peñas desfilan con la banda de Belorado por todo el pueblo. El día 27 se elige a la reina de las fiestas, a las damas y a la dama veraneante. Se hace un pasacalles a las 12.00 de la noche y otro a las 4 de la madrugada. El día 28, las damas y la reina acuden a la plaza de toros a ver la corrida y luego el fútbol-vaca. A lo largo de la semana las damas y la reina van a muchos sitios de Belorado y presencian todos los torneos de los diferentes deportes que se practican.

[artículo Belorado, vease también San Vitores]

We waited some hours for the procession, we ate very well (spaghetti bolognese), the "hospitalera" was from Switzerland or Austria and gave me a hat, I was (as a Sede, classical Sede at the time) discussing with two Italian charismatics ... a married couple, as I recall vaguely, unless they were brother and sister.

This was two days before I was able to in Burgos touch my rosary (from Le Barroux, 1991 or 1992) to the glass pane surrounding a relic of St. Teresa of Ávila, thereby making it a third degree relic, if I got that correct.

16:36 I hope Mgr Pablo de Rojas Sánchez-Franco submits to Pope Michael II.

I wish everyone involved, except the persecutors in the Vatican, a Blessed Pentecost.

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