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Narcissism and Selfishness do NOT Define Sin

A Catholic View of Alcohol · Drinking in Moderation is OK · Narcissism and Selfishness do NOT Define Sin

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A dialogue started with my comment:

Hans Georg Lundahl
0:34 "narcissism or selfishness"

Would you mind defining where those things are condemned in the Bible or the Catholic Tradition?

Being a narcissist or selfish is incompatible with the two greatest Commandments. Love God above all and love your neighbor as yourself. It’s not possible to do those things while being selfish or a narcissist. Loving others requires sacrifice. Selfishness and narcissism sacrifice the good of others for your own personal gain.

Hans Georg Lundahl
@AA-gu4mw That's a very broad take.

You have not answered "where" you have tried to say why ... you deduce it.

The devil is a narcissist. He rebelled and said he would NOT serve. He received eternal damnation for it.

NOT serving God and choosing to serve yourself as seen in that example leads to your own condemnation and eternal damnation.

Hans Georg Lundahl
@AA-gu4mw Again, it is you who add up what narcissist equates to.

Again, you are not showing from Bible or tradition what you are pretending to prove.

Chosing not to serve God even on the minimal level of keeping his commandments is damnation, but that's not a necessary corollary of narcissism.

One can describe Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as a narcissist. There are probably non-Catholics who describe St. Therèse of Child Jesus as a narcissist. Or St. Bridget.

Are these three damned just because you chose Satan as your example of narcissist? For Sts Bridget and Thérèse, I hope you reject the thought utterly, and I hope even Mozart wasn't damned, but if he was, it was for Freemasonry, not for "narcissism" ...

@hglundahl everyone after the fall, has narcissistic tendencies. Some more than others. It’s those narcissist tendencies that make you commit sin. Always. There is zero cases of one willfully sinning where you can separate from narcissism. Having narcissistic tendencies isn’t an automatic condemnation. Otherwise we’d all be in trouble. It’s the lack of humility to accept we are selfish and choose evil and that aside from Gods grace we cannot change our sinful patterns that condemns us. It’s our cooperation with our selfish desires that separate us from God. When we indulge in our selfishness we sin. How can any of the Ten Commandments be broken UNLESS we willfully follow our own inclinations?? Is that not selfishnesses and narcissism? And how can one stop sinning unless he confess to God that he is a miserable narcissist full of pride who wants to do what he wants. What do free masons promote if not to do what they will? That is narcissism. We there or not people think St. Therese was a narcissist doesn’t matter. I’m sure If she were living shed joyfully claim that narcissism to glorify God all the more for the work he has done in her.

@hglundahl we were also condemned to death right after the fall. It was an act of pride. Narcissism is pride. We only have a chance at heaven now because of Christ sacrifices for us. He did the OPPOSITE of what Adam and Eve Did to undo the punishment of death and damnation, the opposite of narcissism to give is life.

Hans Georg Lundahl
@AA-gu4mw "everyone after the fall, has narcissistic tendencies."

Speculation on what the fall consists of.

"What do free masons promote if not to do what they will?"
"That is narcissism."

Speculation on what freemasons are condemned for. Unless you add "without reference to God's law" that's not any actual condemnation.

"It’s the lack of humility to accept we are selfish and choose evil"

Being selfish and chosing evil are also not synonymous.

You have basically preached sermons on fall and sin and humility and gratuitously inserted the words "selfish" and "narcissistic" to prove your point, but you have still not proven it from Bible and tradition.

@AA-gu4mw "Narcissism is pride."

Again sth which you cannot document from Bible or Tradition.

@hglundahl I guess the question is "Are you a narcissist?" It seems like it's of great importance to you, searching for where it's mentioned in the Bible or Tradition...

Hans Georg Lundahl
@bitt555 I'm certainly a guy whom some have considered a narcissist, and am getting nudges now and again to reconsider whether I am not such ...

I think the question is very valid, since "narcissist" is not a word of moral theology, but of psychology, used by psychologists who do not fully accept Catholic moral theology, usually.

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