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Leonard Ulrich : Interview with Rob Skiba: Sept. '11

general comment:
If I do not share the view that Constantine was using the Church to infiltrate it and sully it with Paganism or Gnosticism, I do not condone Templarism, and I do subscribe to the "intentional view of history" rather than the accidental, except in so far as the intentions of another man are not known beforehand, and to one's own intentions they may come as a welcome or less welcome accidental surprise. Illuminati may control much, they do not control all (and will never do so), and they are not excempt from this kind of accident.

Hans-Georg Lundahl (divers comments along the long interview)
US, have you noticed similarities to Holy Roman Empire of Germanic Nation ... with exceptions like:

Habsburgs and earlier were supposed to rule Catholics vs First Amendment.

Or CSA Secession failed. Prussian Secession succeeded and even parasitized on what was left of HRE.

Spanish Catholic Monarchy tolerated slavery only on a basis of:

  • slaves were supposed to have been taken in just wars (like wars in defense against slave hunters)

  • if proven not so, they would be set free

  • if master maimed, killed relative or seduced to mortal sins, slave was entitled to freedom.

Running away was an offense, but not if misconduct on master's side was proven.

Married couples among slaves could not be separated.

And only non-Spanish powers did the buying in Africa.

Speaking of Nephelim - and Nimrod - guess who the first slave hunter was.

"A might hunter before the Lord" is not about going off on St Hubert hunts while the horns take a tune of Ein Jäger aus Kurpfalz, it is about man hunt.

And if you look at Gilgamesh, does Enkidu come through as quite just another pal of Gilgamesh ... in about equality ... or as "friendship means slavery" (c/o Gimli speaking in Isengard)? A bit, at least.

English language developed from ... Gaelic? And it is a Primitive language ... linguistics is not your forte, is it?

Lucifer is also possibly a title of Satan before he fell. It is Latin for Morning Star if you look up Isaiah and ... was it Hezechiel?

A French guy warning about Antichrist meant "if Oyarsas were true, isn't Satan Oyarsa of earth"?

No, rather ex-Oyarsa of planet Venus (whose Oyarsa more than one Pagan system called Ishtar [fake Oyarsa, not rzeal one]). If earth is immobile center, it needs no Oyarsa. (I suppose you know Out of a Silent Planet etc.)

And Luther (Martin) is an Apostate who bypassed Matthew 28 ("every day until the Consummation of time") and in his states forbade the Holy Sacrifice (Wittenberg, Sweden, England ... in England a Catholic priest could well be martyred quickly under Penal Laws for saying Mass)

Speaking of evidence (I've come to George Washington's letter to the pastor), the chess game between Hitler and Lenin, could one have somewhere a better close up?

"Moses pleaded with God" ... which confession said that saints could do that and which that they could not back in 16th C.?

Trentine Catechism proof text "etsi Moyses et ... stetissent coram me" ... even if Moses and ... stood before me ... (was the other guy Abraham, you know "if there are five just" ...)

No power and no food?

Well, food does not grow on Uranium or Petrol.

People will sooner or later need to get back to farms and farms to need more hands and less tractors.

I am not in favour of artificial shortages, I am in favour of getting back to the land and depending less on that stuff.

Electronic food lines?

Ever heard of individual alms giving?

When Christianity took over the Annona was soon finished (two hundred years or less) and unlike tektontv's claim about starvation in Corinth, it was not emergency relie, it was a permanent food line.

When the Hospital of Paris was founded, St Vincent of Paul refused it priests. Because it replaced alms with an institution.

[And possibly even more so because it could use paupers in forced labour in that institution if vagrant or begging.]

Video just went "error has occurred" when the topic was Wancovia (?) Bank ... funny library, Georges Pompidou in Paris ... funny library ... but now it seems to be working again.

The shape of a cross around the Tabernacle ... guess where Armenian and Latin Churches got their layout from?

And even if Pilate had not written


on the title, the Name of God means, letter by letter: hand praises, nail praises. He was - unusually - nailed hand and foot to the cross and, even more unusually, he did not curse but praise on it.

By the way, do read How the Holy Cross was Found by Stephan Borgehammar (Historian of University where I studied Latin and Greek, Lund), and do read The Desert a City by Derwas Chitty.

That will tell you somethng about the Cross and about the Hebrew people.

On Hegel:

Hegelian dialectic is not just a method of ingeneering societal change. It is also a world view, of precisely Hegel.

He considered that:

[in every domain of reality any state] is a thesis

any thesis gives rise to an antithesis

any thesis and antithesis give rise to a synthesis.

That every synthesis is a thesis for a new dialectic triad.

He believed in the "Absolute". Interpreters disagree on whether it means God or matter. Marx and Engels were Hegelian Atheists (via Feuerbach).

other video commented on:
(second half of) Doug Hamp : Quest 4 Truth with Rob Skiba and Douglas Hamp May 19 2013

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I) I read New Testament first, then Old Testament.

I was not put off by the war like things. Maybe because I had already read Apocalypse 19 where Christ is really making a physical rout of enemies.

A bit like Ulysses with the suitors (and Antichrist would have a mentality similar to main suitor, and Church is already in a position a bit like Penelope onset by the suitors), a scene which JRRT loved.

II) 23:08 ... rapture.

Rob Skiba has already correctly concluded that rapture is post-tribulation, when Christ returns on the clouds. Is that also the case with Doug?

Either way, in Gospel Jesus speaks of ONE second coming.

In Evangelical readings of Apocalypse, you get two of those, end chapter 19 and end chapter 20 of Apocalypse.

But in St Augustine's reading all of 19 is end of 20.

Precisely as Genesis 2 is in end of Genesis 1.

First resurrection = of souls.

III) 23:59 seeking death, not finding it.

Mental patients are usually very little able to find death, while at same time their situation makes life so much less liveable.

Amy Winehouse, in that view, found death. Others seek but do not find.

Caesarius of Arles (Saint?) pointed out that most of Apocalypse is about pre-tribulation times, very little left for the times of the final tribulation to be fulfilled which hasn't already been so before.

IV) 25:10 "ramparts of Magog" ... what language?

Chinese? Manchurian? Mongol? Tocharian A or B?

What religion? Jews? Nestorians? Or is some unconnected like Buddhists or Confucians preserving something which sounds similar without understanding anything about who Magog is? Or is Mongolian ancestor worship preserving a reference to Magog?

27:07, your reference is to 13:3 " I have commanded my sanctified ones, and have called my strong ones in my wrath, them that rejoice in my glory."

In that case you have Biblical proof there are good giants, not just bad ones.

Rumblebuffin, Wimblewheather ... CSL was right about something.

29:24 ... gebor means basically hero?

Is that the word used about the Sun in one of the Psalms?

Around 30:00 gebor translated as giant about Nimrod.

One early pope discussed names that add up to 666, and he considered TEITAN (misspelling for TITAN, but one already possible due to itacism) as one possibility.

Not meaning to give up the usual Patristic track on Antichrist's identity of course, "a Jew of the Tribe of Dan". But some family of that description might adopt him ... I would not like to be in their shoes if so.

[Isaiah] 26:19 Thy dead men shall live, my slain shall rise again: awake, and give praise, ye that dwell in the dust: for thy dew is the dew of the light: and the land of the giants thou shalt pull down into ruin. (Douai Reims)

V) 32:10

Catholic Church at Trent decided the Vulgate of St Jerome is infallible in all matters of faith and morals. Not however in all matters of fact.

When St Jerome translated the Vulgate OT from Hebrew, St Augustine reminded him that the Septuagint - the Greek Christian OT - has the highest authority.

Vulgate was originally an Apologetic thing, answering Jews from the Scriptures as they themselves kept them, but without having to learn Hebrew. In matters of fact, LXX may trump Vulg/Masor VV.

VI) 32:48 Anakim ... someone of you already pointed out Annunaki (skiba only or both) ... did you know that very Ancient Greek had a word wanax, wanaktos, which means "lord"?

Did you know that in Homeric and Classic, the word comes as anax, anaktos, and in set formulas it is very much used for Apollo?

Could be confirmation of that Apollo/Nimrod connexion.

34:01 Cedars ... have you read Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch? In it, it seems Antichrist is compared to a cedar.

I just read in a newspaper - French nationalists, Catholic - PRÉSENT, that one third of the Lebanese population is currently refugees from Syria.

VII) 36:22 Greek "sperma" is also used for seed of wheat.

Pagan festival panspermia was celebrated with diverse seeds mixed together along with other mixtures.

It is also used for offspring.

Christ in the Holy Eucharist is both Offspring of God and Wheat Kernel of God.

One reason we Catholics reckoned original Protestants at Reformation as demonic.

Another is their totalitarian view on Romans 13, as if an order of a king dispensed from obeying God's law. E g Luther on divorce.

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