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... on Columbus in a video mainly about Atlantis

Video commented on:
joemozzone : Atlantis- The Lost Continent
comments concern mainly what went before time signatures and thus only a smaller portion of the video:
I - 0:14:33 or rather before
Inquisition was arguably not bathing Spain in an atmosphere of terror.

Cf St Ignatius of Loyola who on three occasions was accused of being an Alumbrado and all three times was innocented. Third time he agreed to study theology before telling the difference of mortal and venial sin in the lives of people confiding to him. So told, he went to Paris to study, where St Thomas Aquinas had studied before him.

Terror? No, except to Cryptojews.
II - 0:15:49 or rather before
"Beyond this was the netherworld, peopled by people not descended from Adam and Eve, which in the eyes of many made them children of the devil ..."

What exact Christian Medieval Reference do you have for that? Not Dante*. He placed the Netherworld within the Globe.

Not Snorri Sturlason either**. He was resuming what Nordic Pagans had believed, not what he believed himself as a Christian. And a learned man.

Not St Thomas Aquinas. Who?

*Divina Commedia

III - 0:16:36
Columbus' opponents argued that noone would be able to get across a belt of very strong winds cutting us off from other hemisphere.

And Inquisition was not snooping into "ridiculous" ideas but into such that contradicted formulated Christian dogma or standard practise.

Alumbrados for instance believed Inner Light trumped Bible and Church. Calvinists in Holland next century that God decided whatever each man decides including sins that damn him.

Not so Columbus.
IV - a little after that, about Columbus in Spain:
Mocked and abused even by children ... source please?!
V - Beginning:
Socrates seems not to have been Plato's tutor even in philosophy when he was a little boy, Plato was nearly thrity when Socrates was condemned to death, and he had had another tutor in philosophy before Socrates.

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