Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Answer from James Toupin

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HGL to James Toupin
one question questionnaire

[This blog] ... on Child Abuse and Enemies of Catholicism (and Why Some of Them Want Me Locked Up)

"Yes, I would love to see a society that mandated therapy to cure religious delusions, and humanely euthanized all who rejected or resisted that therapy. For the good of the human race, primitive superstition needs to be nothing more than something school-children are surprised by, and laugh at, when they learn about it in history."

Do you, as an Atheist, agree with him? Not about me, that is less important, but in general?

If so, tell me.

This is not a multiquestion questionnaire, it is a one question essay question.*

Hans Georg Lundahl

*You are free to specify whether instead of your user name (my default option, since you have already spoken up in public) you prefer the label "anonymised", when I publish the answers.

James Toupin to HGL
I do not agree with that statement at all. I may be an atheist but I believe that people have to have the freedom of belief and expression. The only problem I have with religion is when atrocities are committed in it's name and when the religious try to legislate their beliefs on others.

HGL to James Toupin
For clarification:

If a Catholic majority legislates against abortion and contraception like in Ireland and Malta, and mandates Catholic school education if any at all for those having Catholic parents (other parents being free to opt out), if on the other hand a majority of the Atheist minority (I am not sure whether Atheists are still a minority in Ireland, they could be) find it wrong that schools should provide Catholic Catechism and a duty to not only allow abortion and contraception but even provide it, would you find the Atheist minority was being oppressed under that system?

No answer.

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