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Pentecost Monday, First Check on Questionnaire Answers, Situation Hopeful

1) ... on Child Abuse and Enemies of Catholicism (and Why Some of Them Want Me Locked Up), 2) Pentecost Monday, First Check on Questionnaire Answers, Situation Hopeful, 3) Pentecost Monday, Second Check, Situation Less Hopeful, 4) Answer from Anonymous Dutch Atheist and from Uzziya5) Answer from James Toupin

At least for the two who answered.

Has since been updated on Pentecost Tuseday with a third answer of same type.

My Original Questionnaire of one Question (sent mainly to Atheists)
Link to previous post ... on Child Abuse and Enemies of Catholicism (and Why Some of Them Want Me Locked Up)

"Yes, I would love to see a society that mandated therapy to cure religious delusions, and humanely euthanized all who rejected or resisted that therapy. For the good of the human race, primitive superstition needs to be nothing more than something school-children are surprised by, and laugh at, when they learn about it in history."

Do you, as an Atheist, agree with him? Not about me, that is less important, but in general?

If so, tell me.

This is not a multiquestion questionnaire, it is a one question essay question.*

Hans Georg Lundahl

*You are free to specify whether instead of your user name (my default option, since you have already spoken up in public) you prefer the label "anonymised", when I publish the answers.
You can not eradicate stupid notions or bad ideas by terminating some people who happen to subscribe to them. There will always be people who (for whatever reason) will be enamored about mysticism and supernatural googah. I'm sure it's cause is fear of the unknown, specifically fear death and the notion that some overseer will make sure that evil doers will get what's coming to them. Religion has had thousands of years to hone it's stock of defensive and offensive arguments. I don't expect rational skepticism to win out just because it is the foundation of methodical science which is better at uncovering truth. What I have found is that people don't want the truth. They want the comfort of their beliefs regardless if the is no evidence to support them or even evidence of self contradiction and falsehood in the texts they use to understand the god they worship.

In short, NO eugenics is evil and will not solve the problem at all. In fact, a bigger problem is those who think eugenics would solve anything.

This can be reposted under my name if you wish.
first of you seem to misunderstand something very important, i am not an atheist and i assume the reason want to get rid of religion is to achieve a better world right? so i do believe in god but i am also a person who believes in math and science. i do not agree with your statement and the utopia you believe in, reasons being;

  • 1. the 1900s, during that time man abandoned faith and look what happened, millions were kill without hesitation or remorse in wars for land, ideologies and political beliefs. some leaders looked at them selves as supreme beings and had the people of their nation basically worship them and thus creating a dogma. millions where brutally and inhumanely killed with the use of science and millions more in the name of science via terrible inhumane experiments.
  • 2. im not saying thousands haven't died in the name of religion on a whole but the world took a path lacking any faith and even more people died in that hundred year period.
  • 3. what we need to understand is that people will always use anything as a face to get what they want whether its money, land, resources or power. they will use religion, morals, science, sense of entitlement, political beliefs/agendas and even peace as their "reason or reasons" to attain what they want.

so forcing people to not believe in a supreme being will not change a thing. we human being are selfish by nature and that selfishness will eventually lead to greed. good thing is that we don't have to be that way if we don't want to, so if you want a perfect world without death, starvation and corruption... get rid the greed. getting rid of culture and religion will not make any difference. you can use my user name odean14 if you choose to post my reply
Hans Georg Lundahl
I am delighted with your answer.

I will of course post it.

Up to now there are about 2.*

I am not the one who wants to get rid of religion, Robert Honan expressed that, I cited him.

I looked back to my past debates, and in some I forgot who had been on my side, who had been somehow Christian, but not a fundie Catholic like me, and who was atheist. Most have been atheists, hence the confusion about you.

I was sending the questionnaire to Atheists because they are the ones who are most likely to agree with Honan.

Hans Georg Lundahl

* Exactly two in fact.

I vehemently disagree with this statement. While I do believe that religion is a corrupting force on humanity, I believe that the best way to set aside religion and move on is by logic and reason alone rather then through force of any means. A great analogy is drugs. When you ban a substance and force a community to abstain from it, the problem becomes worse, people will go to great lengths to find and consume it, even if the threat of punishment is present (think about prohibition during the 1920s in the united states.) Even if the drug was the worst thing in the world, the fact that its banned makes it more valuable, thus compelling many to find, buy and use it. However, if you educated people on the drug, providing both its benefits and side-effects and provide a way for addicts to overcome their need for it, you will see a decrease in consumption by the public since 1) people are more educated and can choose to stay away from the drug, 2) its not illegal thus there's no added value and 3) the addicts who are treated can (not always) resume a normal life free of the drug.

I wasn't forced to become an atheist, my reasoning led me to this conclusion. Today, I feel no need for a religion, yet I experience awe, wonder even spirituality on a daily basis given the right circumstances (and yes without the aid of any drugs.) Furthermore, I cannot even imagine being in the religious mindset nor am I capable of faith of any kind, its just...not possible for me. This is what I want for everyone, even if it takes another thousand years. Forcing "atheism" on a community is no different from forcing a religion and I (and many atheists I know) would gladly fight any such attempt. A day may come when Christianity, much like other religions before it, will be treated as mythology but I'd rather get to that day through logic and reason rather then with force.

I hope this is a satisfactory answer for you.


P.S. I don't mind you posting my username.

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