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Pentecost Monday, Second Check, Situation Less Hopeful

1) ... on Child Abuse and Enemies of Catholicism (and Why Some of Them Want Me Locked Up), 2) Pentecost Monday, First Check on Questionnaire Answers, Situation Hopeful, 3) Pentecost Monday, Second Check, Situation Less Hopeful, 4) Answer from Anonymous Dutch Atheist and from Uzziya5) Answer from James Toupin

Exchanges continued Pentecost Tuesday. And Ember Wednesday.

My Original Questionnaire of one Question (sent mainly to Atheists)

Link to previous post ... on Child Abuse and Enemies of Catholicism (and Why Some of Them Want Me Locked Up) http://assortedretorts.blogspot.com/2014/06/on-child-abuse-and-enemies-of.html

"Yes, I would love to see a society that mandated therapy to cure religious delusions, and humanely euthanized all who rejected or resisted that therapy. For the good of the human race, primitive superstition needs to be nothing more than something school-children are surprised by, and laugh at, when they learn about it in history."

Do you, as an Atheist, agree with him? Not about me, that is less important, but in general?

If so, tell me.

This is not a multiquestion questionnaire, it is a one question essay question.*

Hans Georg Lundahl

*You are free to specify whether instead of your user name (my default option, since you have already spoken up in public) you prefer the label "anonymised", when I publish the answers.

Not sure whether she prefers real name or user name on youtube

got your question about what to do with deluded people. disagree with giving them therapy & euthanizing those who don't go for it. a better solution - round up every deluded person, dump them in the middle east where all this non sense started & have them live, eat, dress, work, etc., EXACTLY as the people who came up with this non sense did thousands of years ago. even make them learn the language spoken by these people. may be then, after a few weeks of living like these desert tribal people lived thousands of years ago, they'll under stand why these people believed as they did. & after living with out the benefit of their modern 21st century conveniences, these people will be begging to go back to the civilized world - but they should just be left in the middle east. I also think, be fore dropping them off in the middle east to live like those whose delusions they took on, they should ALL be spayed neutered so they can't have any more kids to brain wash with this garbage.

I replied

You were joking, right?

Or was it THAT time of the month?

Two points:

  • Neutering people was not so widely done 2000 years ago.
  • Working conditions were usually better than now.

St Joseph the Carpenter could absent himself from his carpenter's shop to get to Bethlehem, stay absent while staying in Bethlehem, stay absent and flee to Egypt, stay absent while staying in Egypt, come back a few years later and get back into business in his own shop.

So much of modern conveniences are just compensations for what has been lost.

A coffee brewing machine is great - if you don't have the time to boil water and brew it as it should be done.

Cars are really a convenience - if you live twenty miles from where you work - and back then they didn't.

Even Rock'n'Roll may be useful as an anaesthetic - to people who are in pain because of delayed marriages and compulsory schooling.

In Jesus' Day Jewry was still a community where homeschooling was strictly allowed. Compulsory attendance (on the male side, I presume) to a school with a rabbi as school district's head did not come until Joshua Ben Gamliel was High Priest. And he came after the Hanan ben Hanan who had had St James the Greater executed. Who obviously came after Crucifixion and Resurrection of Our Lord.

So, overall, conditions were better than now.

Restoring them - not necessarily in the Holy Land - would be a good thing in itself. Neutering would not.

Hans Georg Lundahl

same anonymised person

i see. making people incapable of having children so they can't pass on their delusions to a new generation is some how wrong, but it's okay to murder people who hold such beliefs so long as one calls it "euthanasia".

and it's funny how you defend delusion by claiming that with it, every thing was so much better, yet you call your self an atheist.

ah, well. of all the animals on this planet, people are the strangest of breeds.

Hans Georg Lundahl/me again

I was not defending euthanasia any more than eugenics.

I am not the atheist.

I quoted one and asked if you agreed with him.

It is of course a good thing you do not agree about euthanasia, but the thing about eugenics is agreeing a bit too much with Robert Honan.

As to me, I feel targetted by either view, I am Christian you see.
Miss or Mrs Anonymised Preliminarily
you might have made it clear where you stood when you sent the question.

and as it happens, I don't believe ANY gods ever existed. they are man-made constructs.

people seem to have a need for an authority figure; they seem to have a need of having some one greater than them selves to answer to. they also seem to have a need of revenge; like a child who says to her or his sibling, "I'm gonna tell mom and dad on you and THEN you're gonna get it!"

gods are nothing more than some ultimate parental figure for those adults who still haven't out grown their need of some kind of authority figure who stands above them.

that's part of it. then there are those who, while they may or not believe in any gods, use such figures for political control and control of the population in general.

and I need no book - written by MEN - to give me ideas about what is "right" and what is "wrong".

rules and laws are made by PEOPLE - not gods.
Hans Georg Lundahl/me again
I did make it rather clear.

I quoted Robert Honan, I asked if you agreed with HIM, and then I said "not about me, that is less important, but in general".

You said here you had no need for a book to tell you what is right or what is wrong, but how are you doing on your own?

You advocated sterilising people and barring them from having children to educate.

THAT is an evil which has been perpetrated time and again against Gipsies in the century that has more than any previous been into the idea of "and I need no book to give me ideas about what is 'right' and what is 'wrong'."

The one that has been going on since WW-I broke out.

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