Wednesday, June 18, 2014

... quibbling at Rachel Parent, loathing Kevin O'Leary

See video. Under it are my comments. First one is aboute a sound clip:

14 year old girl picks fight with bully TV host - and WINS!
Kids' Right to Know

1) One moment, Rachel's first appearance, was her last word calling O'Leary "fascist"?

I would think that is an insult to the Duce. He did some bad stuff, especially after 1938, BUT as far as I know he never gave any food company the right to use GMOs!

2) Kevin O'Leary finds she "has no flexibility in her thinking" and he finds that "not good" ... I have spared myself most pages of a certain novel involving the concept Newspeak, but I do feel a real reminder here of one Saruman (a k a Sharkey, Curunir etc. in that Legendarium).

3) He is "exploring" and worried about groups "wanting to use her as a shield" and trying to "figure out whether she really deep down believes it"?

Does he think he is God?

What groups are using that kind of not so articulate speech as a shield for their interests?

In this case, Monsanto comes to mind.

Plus anyone who hates the small farmer who grown corn that is not GM.

What groups would be using her? Well, perhaps the odd small farmer. Sounds like a far more sympathetic group to me than Kevin O'Leary who must be the shame of quite a lot Irishmen, considering they have him sharing their heritage.

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