Friday, October 17, 2014

...on OT prophecy and Judaism

"There is no prediction in the Jewish Bible of Jesus. Ask any Jewish scholar, or any reputable historical of textual critic."

quoth dhux02

  • well: first of all, the Jewish "Bible" is an INCOMPLETE Old Testament.
  • Second, the Old Testament includes more than onehundred clear prophecies on Christ Jesus - including the parts accepted even by Jews.
  • Third: the Jews make bad excuses for prophecy after prophecy.
  • Fourth: the "reputable" historicals (does he mean scholars?) of textual criticism (or is it a typo for: historical or textual critic) go the Jews' errands in this matter.
  • Fifth: what does he mean by historical critics? The kind of men who are scholarly enough to find out an apparent contradiction but unscholarly enough not to find the solution? Sounds like it...

(NB dhux appears to be a woman, but I did not know it then)

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