Friday, October 17, 2014

... on Historical Capacity of Understanding

1) ... on Historical Capacity of Understanding, 2) ... Some Notes on Dr Thomas Woods' Debunking of Flat Earth Myth, 3) ... Some Notes on Thomas Woods' Orderly Universe Argument, 4) ... to Thomas Woods on the School of Chartres, Mainly, 5) ... following Thomas E. Woods Jr. from Bacon to Boscovich

The Simple Story of Evolution

I totally agree on this point.

I am a former Swedish Lutheran, and the idiotic idea you cited has some history among Modernists of that communion or sect ... one early application was this:

Jesus miraculously cured mental diseases. He knew there was no such thing as demons, and least of all demonic possession (so their argument goes), but he worded his words to make the miracle in adaptation to what people could understand at the time.

There was another Jesus earlier on, son of Nun or of Nave, who ordered the Sun and Moon to stand still.

What do you say about the theory that he knew it was Earth that had to stop rotating, but he worded it so that Israelites could grasp it, because they could never have grasped Heliocentrism (even if I grasped it at age three)?

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No takers on Joshua?

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