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... on Roswell Creatures and Peer Review (starring M McQuarrie)

1) ... on Roswell Creatures and Peer Review (starring M McQuarrie) · 2) ... on honesty in debates (not forgetting manners)

M McQuarrie was a bit irritating on a few threads, you have seen one, under an AronRa video, so I looked him up. Here is one thing (I have not watched video yet):

The Atheist Experience #773 - Martian God and ET Jesus
Atheist Europe
M McQuarrie
Never underestimate the power of the deeply religious to rationalize anything that might contradict their faith in god. If we find extraterrestrial life, you can beat some apologist somewhere will have a bullshit reason that makes it fit into their worldview. God itself could come down and tell every Christian everywhere that they got it wrong, Christianity would not cease to be.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
My favourite reason why extraterrestrials fit the Biblical world view is because Roswell creatures aren't really EXTRA-terrestrial but INTRA-terrestrial, i e infernal.

REAL extra-terrestrials or supernal life would be God and angels.
M McQuarrie
+Hans-Georg Lundahl Wait, so you're a Rosewell conspiracy nut too? How often were you dropped on your head as a child?
Hans-Georg Lundahl
OK, you think if one considers Roswell creatures exist one is a nut? How many times were you patted on your head as a goody goody by every teacher when you were a teen?
M McQuarrie
+Hans-Georg Lundahl What the fuck are you going on about? Can you actually present evidence that aliens landed in Rosewell?
Hans-Georg Lundahl
No. But there is plenty of evidence from abductees they landed (or pretended to) some places, whether Roswell or not. And Roswell has been pretty much pointed out as a starting point for that. Btw, you use an - e - too much.
M McQuarrie
+Hans-Georg Lundahl I'm all ears. Present this evidence.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Eyes, I hope, since reading is what you will be doing.

CMI : Feedback archive → Feedback 2006
Alien & skeptics
25–26 November 2006

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Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection (updated & expanded)
Gary Bates

CMI : Aliens in your bedroom?
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M McQuarrie
+Hans-Georg Lundahl So no actual scientific or peer reviewed and recognised papers huh?
Hans-Georg Lundahl
As if I would trust that kind of publications to be honest? Na. Not about admitting what they have been denying for long. Whether UFOs or Creationism.
M McQuarrie
+Hans-Georg Lundahl Such publications have to be honest or else be exposed as frauds and lose all credibility. Why do you think no one cares about what creationists say? Because they are frauds.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Oh ... that is what the Evolutionist comunity tends to say.

Creationists do not accuse all Evolutionists of being frauds, nor of all Evolutionist publications of being usually fraudulent in what they positively do publish (sometimes, alas, yes), but rather in what they do NOT publish. They can be exposed as fraudulent in that way as many times over as we Creationists like, they still rely on a readership within the Evolutionist Community, which moreover is augmented unfairly by unequal access to education system which is on top of that unduly centralised (in many states of Europe even more than in US).

Never underestimate the power of deeply impious people to rationalise their beliefs in Evolution ...

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