Sunday, March 22, 2015

... on Two Witnesses Probably NOT Being Here Yet

Hans-Georg Lundahl
If the two witnesses are really those of God, how come they recommend using a translation button for something so important?

+Hans-Georg LundahlThe translation button on our website, is better than no translation button, on our website. It is better, than ignoring the needs of people who are unable to understand english. How can they possibly access the words of their Creator, speaking through His Testimony, and the words of the Last True Pope, in the succession of Popes - myself, Pope Peter the Last and Final True Pope of this Era - without that button? Suggestions?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
If there were really the two witnesses, how come they have in thousands of years in heaven not learned any more languages than English?

That IS kind of suspect.

The translation button is clearly not a substitute for that, it is a bad substitute for even normal translation services (which might use a google translate to get started, but would spend time on correcting). But of course, why would Henoch and Elijah need even those?

Btw, I think Pope Michael disagrees with your being "Peter the Last".

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