Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Lizzy Reezay on Vlogging

what no one tells you... [channel trailer}
LizziesAnswers | 13.X.2018

Comments applying to my parallel experience of writing:

1:59 Never watch TV?

Sounds like one of the assets.

"Sleep deprived" in college?

So was I often even in senior high school, say five to seven nights a month, to 3 am, even more regularly to midnight or 1 am, most of the time reading and rereading, one specific night deciding both to change the course I was taking from IB to Classics and also to convert, some few nights over speaking with school comrades.

Btw, I would use sleep deprived when something other than an interesting thing you do is keeping you awake - like toothache or people making noise where you try to sleep. What you describe is more like sleep sacrifice.

5:21 I am a blogger, not a vlogger.

When I change views, I do simply make an update (unless it's an old blog that was disconnected for me but not taken down, but those include no views I changed).

Made one single exception, where my calculation of a kind of musical scale not based on major or minor but with thirds between major third and minor third and not based on a Pythagorean fifth sequence after I posted it revealed I had made a few mistakes which would have made it terribly dissonant.

8:22 When you publish a thing, you consent to anyone being able to find that thing out.

When you publish many things in a row, you consent to anyone chosing how much or little to find out about you.

It cannot literally be everything, like a conversation you forgot and never published or what you ate for breakfast today unless you publish that.

BUT this is also one reason why, as a blogger, I am NOT going into myself or my situation most of the time, I am going into topics.

Sn (theoretically) "I found out you believe in six days"
Me (if so) "yes, I regularly publish on that, it's like saying you found out Kent Hovind believes in a literal global flood"

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