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David Wood Partly Attacking Wrong Things in Islam

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Islam: The World's Fastest-Growing Religion (David Wood)
Acts17Apologetics | 2.V.2016

Principal reason for Islam's growth - a high natality.

Hmmmm .... how about taking a cue?

I mean, Genesis 1:28 was not just written for Muslims, was it?

For them too, but not just for them.

And who are making Christian natality numbers dwindle?

  • 1) certain modernist Protestants who make it one major argument against Catholicism, that Catholics forbid condoms and pills (in some versions they are even against forbidding abortions);
  • 2) certain modernist or "realist" or laxist Catholics, who find Catholic morality "over the top" (thinking of the clear non-Saint "Abbé Pierre" who promoted condoms and his successors in Emmaüs still do).

So, Muslim natality might indicate that a great apostasy (modernism) had to come "first" ...

Did you note European values?

Non-Muslims, 1.5 children per woman - that is below the replacement rate!

So, in 2009, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ot OECD said basically that Muslim countries' women have less opportunities for schooling and employment and marry earlier.

Also, divorces before 16 - but if Christian women married earlier, with a no-divorce policy, the divorces before 16 would be very much fewer - and they are not exactly contributing to natality unlike teen marriages, are they?

And then a report from World Economic Forum, 2014 ...

OK, Woods, are you a Christian? If so, why do you criticise Muslims in some of these cases for behaving like Christians normally (before Modernism) would be behaving?

I mean, Muslims also don't burn widows, and since not burning widows is Christian, I suppose you don't prefer Hindoo Suttee over Islamic attitude to women?

Muslims also (we can hope) don't abort female foeti - and since not aborting female foeti is Christian, I suppose you don't criticise Muslims for that?

But somehow, when Muslims do several things (only a few of which are wrong) to obey Genesis 1:28 - you don't like it?

From age 10 is of course over the top, the Christian criterium has usually been 14 for boys and 12 for girls, minimum.

A Polish girl in XVIIIth C. before the partitions was married off to a Protestant noble at age 11 and something, and Poles got a reminder:

  • the very minimum is 11 and a half;
  • even then only with Papal permission, unlike 12 which is the canonic age;
  • and of course you don't marry off a Catholic girl to an Infidel Protestant! Even less to Popes give permissions to marry at 11 and a half for that!

Forgot reference, sorry!

When discussing Islamic apostasy laws (part of the religion itself, not just of a licit application of it in politics, but of the compulsory one) and Muslim immigration, I think you have made a case that ... we Christians might be facing persecution, in our own countries, soon.

Btw, there are Muslims (not Salafists, more like Averroists) who will endorse Communism. Look at the guys who "liberated" Algeria from France!

And unlike US (?), Communism in Europe is a recent threat and in parts of administration a strong residue of dominion or - as in Sweden - contamination.

Can you identify with a European Christian who thinks Communism at least as much of a threat as Islam, and also (bc endorsing fewer children in indigenous populations) a component with the Muslim threat?

I am one such!

To your conclusion, yes, and part of those rejecting Islam for such reasons are basically Commies rejecting Christianity for being historically linked to, not exact same, but in part similar conditions. While you have argued against Islam, you have also argued against the historic result of Matthew 28:18 - 20.

Is that a way to conduct Christian Apologetics?

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