Monday, July 1, 2019

David Wolf gives Ben Shapiro an Excellent Lesson

Response To Ben Shapiro: Jesus Was A Revolutionary Against The Jewish Elites
David Wolf | 1.VII.2019

Great video, some quibbles and addenda:

Roman Emperors were psychopaths? You can say that again, for some, but especially the guys between beginning of Tiberius' reign and end of Domitians.

Roman records of contemporary events peter out with Velleius Paterculus in 16th year of Tiberius saying things like "Tiberius was great, Tiberius' chosing Seianus was great, Tiberius had challenges but dealt with them in a great way, and, by the way, did I mention, Tiberius was great?" Last paragraph of the work illustrates what Our Lord meant in Matthew 6:7. Velleius was making a speech to the gods.

Then they begin again (apart from Gospellers and Josephus) when Tacitus says "back under Domitian and those guys, we didn't dare speak well of anyone except the Caesars, and now it's time to catch up, starting with my pa in law Agricola." The guy who really - under Claudius, perhaps the one Emperor that interval who wasn't what moderns like to call psychopaths - conquered Britain.

Speaking of entering the temple - He did so twice, first just at beginning of His public ministry, then once again in Holy Week.

"to the evening" - in Mark He leaves the city in the evening

In Matthew, also referring to the second cleansing, between driving out and leaving, he also healed people and had cries of Hosanna from the poor.

"the Protestants don't burn incence"

High Church Anglicans and Lutherans do (that was my immediate background before converting by the way).

I was already converting when I stressed "pure offering" to a High Church Lutheran, and he admitted Malachi 1:11 is a hard one for Lutherans to explain.

Bc, while burning incence, they deny the Holy Mass is a sacrifice.

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