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Human and Divine : Hagiographers and Popes

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The Bible: Word of God or word of man? (Creation Magazine LIVE! 7-21)
CMIcreationstation | 10.VII.2019


1:59 Fortunately the Catholic Church already made a judgement at Trent that all of the 73 books in the Vulgate are canonic, god-breathed and to be taken as the Church Fathers read them.

Otherwise, she would perhaps have had the authority to make that kind of judgement, as she had to decide what books are in the Bible.

Now, as St Matthew's Gospel cannot any longer be deleted from the canon, the divine authorship of all 73 books can no longer be deleted from dogma.


4:10 Actually, the ten commandments have Moses at least for copyist.

For any given part of Genesis except chapter 1, I'd say triple authorship : the man who wrote or dictated the account when it happened, Moses, and above the two God, excluding errors from the original account and from that transmission version Moses chose from. (Chapter 1 was given as a vision to Moses, according to tradition, and 1:28 was displaced from Adam's or Eve's chapter 2 account to Moses' own six days account, own under God, that is).


5:47 Each biblical author certainly erred about some fact some time in his life.

If you had asked Moses "what did you eat for breakfast yesterday" excluding the period when the one uniform answer was mannah, on one occasion he would have erred in the answer.

However, God could clearly fix it so that his errors did not coincide with his writing of any book of Moses.

Precisely as Popes are men prone to error and sin like the rest of us, but God can fix it so this never coincides with when they make an infallible decree on dogma (like 1854 Pope Pius IX).

Note, while this ability of God is identical, the use is different in so far as new doctrines could be revealed up to Christ, while, after the last apostle died, no new doctrine can be revealed, only interpretations of already existing doctrine be infallibly expressed in the manner of solemn judgement.

6:07 God has no need to be roughshod to actually effectively protect a Biblical author or a Pope on task expressing error as to what he is supposed to write, in a Bible book, or in a Bull.

6:28 Piano analogy is fairly useful for Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich - God talked to her in her solitude, and not directly for our edification, but for hers, and when she was asked by someone to tell what she had been given, she may have confused some. I particularly suppose this of her view of pre-Babel language. She can have overheard a priest or a doctor (she lay in bed) speaking about Bopp's theories of Indo-European unity.

Now, in Catholic doctrine, not just a papal bull or a bible book, but even a prophetess (charged to speak with others, like St. Bridget of Vadstena) must be, for that purpose "a perfect instrument".


7:46 I'm very allergic to "Divine Accomodation" which Swedish Church clergy (Lutherans) back in the 19th C. pushed on the exorcisms of Our Lord.

They did not blaspheme on Our Lord being wrong due to kenosis pushed that far, one reason why I don't think even Joshua was wrong on what is usually moving each day (cfr his words 10:12), but they did blaspheme His truthfulness, claiming He accomodated by a kind of "white lie".

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