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David Wolf on "Paedophilia" (Whatever That Means) - with my Comments

Conservatives Have A Pedophilia Problem
David Wolf | 11.VII.2019

8:19 You might be right about his reading Talmud rather than Bible.

I look up a search in drbo and came up with no verse for both "men" and "boys" nor any relevant with "man" and "boy".

Note very well, he is totally un-Catholic in considering a man who wants a 15 year old boy the equivalent of one who wants a 15 year old girl.

The parents of St Francis of Sales were married when she was 14 and they had been engaged for six years. He was c. 40 or c. 40 years older.

Obviously, since both were above minimal ages 14 for bridgrooms and 12 for brides, the Church had no problem with that.

If he had wanted a boy instead .... oh boy would he have been in trouble with the Church unless protected, and obviously, if he had been a priest he wouldn't have been, he would have been very promptly defrocked.

Epstein sounds like a polygamist. [Edited his name after looking up Jeffrey Epstein]

If Bill Clinton hadn't raised the minimal age of marriage, maybe Epstein would have had a shot gun wedding with one of the girls and left the other ones alone.

As to Prager, if some of the boys he was talking about had been married, they would have been out of harm's way.

Takes two things:

1) applying older Church discipline, saying a 14 year old man can marry
2) having works for 14 year olds who want to marry and not all family wage works needing college degrees first.

Obviously, the men Prager was talking about were hardly all that interested in having those boys out of harm's way.

One reason - if Prager was supposed to be Conservative - why I prefer Fascist or Reactionary to "Conservative". Precisely as I prefer Jacobite over Tory.

Wait .... Prager may have had a real point "you can be just as happy with a 15 year old girl as with a 15 year old boy" ... the Talmudic principle, in essence often enough correct, if there is an illicit pleasure (like a man "being happy" with a 15 year old boy), then there is also a licit pleasure (like a man being happily married to a 15 year old girl).

If ham tastes good, so does beef pastrami or smoked turkey - but applied to sex.

Actually a fairly nice move of him to try to reform the NAMBLA predators ...

I was watching it before somewhat in haste.

Or maybe he wasn't .... after rewatching the clip.

9:52 According to Roman Catholic Church law previous to 1917 Code of Canon Law, 15 year olds are OK - provided we talk heterosexual marriage.

It was 14 / 12 and was raised to 16 / 14.

According to Swedish civil law, 15 is a limit under which a person who consents to an older person counts as a special type of crime victim.

A Moroccan immigrant of 24 was married to a girl of 14 (halal marriage without Swedish authorities involved).

She gave birth to their child a few months after fifteen, so the hospital knew she had had sex with her husband before she was 15. Result : he goes to gaol, she to a CPS facility. When she is 18, they leave for Morocco, together.

I was in Sweden when this happened, and as I am pushing for young marriages I obviously made a little tract and copied it over a few times and distributed against this parody of justice.

Sil Vangilbergen
She still needed parental consent. The father could avoid marriage if he didn, t like it. Until the late 20th century the minimum age for marriage in the most if europe was about 15 and 16 years old with parental consent.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Sil Vangilbergen Parental consent was not in fact a requirement for validity on part of the Church.

Nor in all jurisdictions, like not in Spain.

In Austria (due to Josephinism, no doubt), she could marry at 14 with and at 21 without parental consent.

That said, parental consent is not a bad thing of itself, usually it is mortally sinful to marry without it.

However, on the part of Church and Spain, it was not a requirement for validity.

Italy had 18/18 - imported into Church States from Savoyan dynasty.

It can be added, the Muslim marriage in Sweden definitely had parental consent for the 14 year old bride.

10:09 I am somewhat sick of hearing of Peterson.

He's a shrink. OK, not a clinical psychiatrist who keeps people locked up and medicated, but a psychologist, who gives "counselling" ... and he's supposed to be a thing for Conservatives?

I looked up his "12 points" and found 5 of them correct.

He's for forcing people's children out of homeschooling and into schools with many pupils, essentially public schools.

He's for "Christian values" and, like Putin, he's evasive (though more explicitly so) about whether he believes Christian dogma to be truth. Jordan Peterson, not my cup of tea.

12:48 In this clip, Jordan Peterson is giving advice on not publically discussing delicate subjects.

I'm fine with your saying "what the hell 'delicate subject' - that is sick!"

Which with same sex relations it is. Insofar as mortal sin is a disease mortal for your eternal soul.

The point that sticks out to me is, he is for hushing topics up in deference to public opinion. F*k truth and honesty, basically, here I am predicting what happens to you if you are honest.

Or kind of not, since he is into discussing things publically on a video with this .... shall we say NAMBLA poster boy?

Let's give Milo the credit for being honest, and admitting pederasty is a function of gay life.

In other words, Sodom stinks.

13:59 "[Peterson changed my life, now I] get up early and my my room or whatever ..."

Chesterton is the opposite.

He definitely glorifies staying in bed (there is an essay in German translation called "Über das im Bett Liegenbleiben" - read in a collection "Ballspiel mit Ideen").

And he does NOT try to normalise either Sodom or Carthage.

15:35 He probably was - Peterson, not Chesterton - talking about lab experiments on rats and only making the point it would work the same way with human groups.

16:12 You have a problem with them saying 16 is a correct age for consent?

One could have a problem with agreeing any age correct for consenting to sodomy, one could have a principle consent for sodomy is way higher than consent for natural sex - but you seem to think 16 is a bit too low for any consent? Including matrimonial such?

Well, then you are going with modern legislation in UK and Israel ... not with traditional Catholic Christendom.

So, my point is, if there is a problem, rather 16 is too high, when it comes to heterosexual relations (especially matrimonial).

17:14 Hey, wait, do you share Jordan Peterson's aversion to homeschooling?

Are you a Commie or a Jew? Meaning, not Jewish heritage Christian, but Talmudist, or sth?

School compulsion was introduced by Joshua Ben Gamla (Ben Gamaliel?) who was a successor of the God killers Hannas and Kaiaphas!

Our Lord was, in Egypt and in Nazareth, at least part time, a homeschooler, due to being on the move!

17:26 OK, 34 women claim to have been sexually harrassed by Bill Gothard - how does that make homeschooling bad or Duggars bad? Not in any way, shape or form, obviously!

You are engaging in guilt by association, or was I overconnecting your ramble?

18:20 It so happens, the Josh Duggar situation came when he was 14 - 15. Old enough to marry according to older Church law.

Not in practise old enough to marry in present day US.

Need I repeat the ban on young marriages is putting young people in harm's way?

At least Josh Duggar was not getting to the kind of party Milo was talking about!

19:42 Sympathise with unborn and migrants.

Sounds fine with me. But you might for BOTH reasons want to revise your views on these things.

Unborns are killed because their ma's and pa's are supposed to be too young to marry.

Migrants used to be ill viewed because of some Anglo Saxon Protestants, often White, saying "those Hispanics/Arabs/etc marry off their daughters way too early."

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