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Some Prefer Taking on Flat Earth over Geocentrism

Who Started the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory, How Many Believe This, and What Do They Believe?
Today I Found Out | 30.VI.2019

4:33 The Islamic world also concurred?

Where is the reference?

4:37 Jeffrey Burton Russell speaks of "Western Civilisation" and while Islam stretched into Westernmost Sahara, it's based in Middle East.

Arguably, Russell could have thought of Islamic Civilisation as "Oriental" as opposed to Western.

Other Oriental civilisation, which might also not be covered by Russell : Judaism as it was back then.

19:57 "to disprove pretty much everything on their website"

What modicum of effort disproves their Geocentrism?

Btw, what is the thing after The Principle (film feat. Lawrence Krauss et aL supposedly without their approval, which Rick DeLano disproved) mentioning Geocentric arguments chiefly in connection to Flat Earth Society or even to ask anyone who admits to Geocentrism "so you are a Flat Earther"?

Is there, for instance, some kind of conspiracy among psychologists about "monkey brain"?

III, Update
Forgot to comment on this one:

While his ideas were absurd for an incredible number of reasons, even given the technology and scientific knowledge of his era, what Rowbatham had going for him was he was reportedly incredibly quick on his feet in debates and an extremely charismatic speaker, able to twist the words of even the best academics. It didn’t matter if he was actually right or not, only that he was better at convincing laypeople than the academics he regularly debated, or at least good at creating reasonable doubt. As noted by a contemporary article published in the Leeds Times,

One thing he did demonstrate was that scientific dabblers unused to platform advocacy are unable to cope with a man, a charlatan if you will (but clever and thoroughly up in his theory), thoroughly alive to the weakness of his opponents.

Could it be, that Rowbatham actually got some points for free while discovering that opponents in academia had no good reasons for Heliocentrism? Plus were as willing as he, at least, to conflate geo vs helio with flat vs round?

And could it be, Daven Hiskey by "twist the words" of someone (especially someone as august as "the best academics") could be referring to turning the ideas around and looking at them from another angle they hadn't foreseen?

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