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On Mariology, Rosary and the Five Month "Plague"

Revelation's Timelines of the End! Part 11
Brenda Weltner | 20.VI.2019

Hans-Georg Lundahl
150 days?

about the Hail Mary's in a full Rosary ... "a Hail Mary, per day, takes the sting away" (actually it's 153).


Hans-Georg Lundahl
If we take 5 months as per Gregorian, not Babylonian, calendar, and starting from first of first month to last ot last month, starting any time from March 1st to September 1st, it's 153 days, exact same number as Hail Mary's in a full Rosary.

Any sequence involving a non-leap-year February, from October 1st to January 1st will have only 151 (152 if the Febrary is of a leap year) and if it starts February 1st, only 150 (or 151 in a leap year).

@Hans-Georg Lundahl you pray the rosary?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
The most usual way of "looking at the brazen serpent" is looking at Christ in the Eucharist.

But for 3 years and six months, the daily sacrifice - of the Mass - shall be unavailable, if not everywhere, at least to nearly all of the public.

Therefore, this may really be the time when the need for the Rosary sets in.

Most sequences of Gregorian calendar months have 153 days, which is the number of Hail Mary's in a full Rosary. 153 is also featured in the account of Genesareth fishing after Resurrection.

@Hans-Georg Lundahl we are not to pray to anyone but God the Father through the Son

Hans-Georg Lundahl
"you pray the rosary?"

Not right now, a fifteen decade Rosary involves saying 16 times over "as we forgive those who trespass against us". That's irksome to me.

"we are not to pray to anyone but God the Father through the Son"

We adore the Blessed Trinity and praying to the Father, through the Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit is one way.

However, we reach the Son, very typically, though His Blessed Mother. The phrase "pray to" is equivocal and does not always refer to adoration.

@Hans-Georg Lundahl oh my....Jesus is our Advocate who prays for us continually..Mary was blessed bc she bore the Savior, but we are not to exalt or pray to her or anyone else other than Jesus!! In addition, there is never anywhere in scripture that tells us to do that. I will pray the Lord will reveal this truth to you.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
First, you are wrong on what "pray to" means, if you think it is mentioned in first commandment, second, Scripture doesn't say all generations shall admit she "was" blessed, but all generations need to praise her as blessed - as still blessed. She is still the Mother of God. Third, if St. Elisabeth greeted Our Lady in words referring to King David's words about the Ark of the Covenant, how is that NOT exalting Her?

@Hans-Georg Lundahl Jesus alone gets the praise! Am done debating. Only God can convict and lead into all truth

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@moca I'll give my reply too. Or St. Luke's.

"Jesus alone gets the praise!"

Luke 1:42 And she cried out with a loud voice, and said: Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.

Luke 1:48 Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid; for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed.

Peace To All
I have to say something .. My husband, mother, and I said a novena prayer (Hail Mary Rosary) prayer for 9 weeks at our church years ago .. praying for God's help to conceive a child. I know many people are dead set against the Rosary and Hail Mary's .. and personally, I understand their reasoning, and don't attend the Catholic Church anymore .. however, the prayers worked. I conceived a son, and it's a been a gorgeous, beautiful sunny day every single year on his birthday since .. 23 years so far.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Peace To All Well, sounds a good deal, and if you have reasons against Vatican II Sect, you might want to try with Pope Michael.

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