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On Who's Holding Back

The Antichrist Didn't Reveal His Identity...BUT HE'S HERE! | Dr. Gene Kim
BBC International | 27.VIII.2017

13:57 Did you say "and his tabernacle"?

"And he opened his mouth unto blasphemies against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven."
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 13:6]

Some blaspheme the Holy Trinity, the name under which we know God since Christ's speech in Matthew 28.

Some blaspheme the Tabernacle of the Sacrament.

Some blaspheme the honour given to saints - who are ... in Heaven, right?

So, it seems Apoc. 13:6 attributes to THE Antichrist some JW/Muslim and some Protestant tenets.

15:21 Why would Israel have been holding Antichrist back in 50's AD, when true Israelites were persecuted Christians, and when other Israelites were submissive to Rome and for that matter clearly anti-Christian, clearly persecuting Christians, to the point where Christians had enough of being identified with them and quit calling themselves Jews, in the time of St John who in his last work, the Gospel (unless Epistles are even more recent) uses "Jews" like Synoptics use "Pharisees" or "Scribes" or "Sadducees"... why?

And how could Israel hold him back in AD 70?

You are the first time I heard any give "Israel" as solution to who's holding back (one RC solution is Imperial Dignity in Rome or Roman Empire ... mystery of inquity could be a Babylonian or Egyptian infiltration of it, which was after Actium still at bay). I have heard Protestants say both "Church" and "Holy Spirit" but not yet Israel.

It has to be something with a presence both back then and up to end times.

And Roman Empire ceased in World War I, with the fall of Russian Czars in Revolution and the exile of Charles I (Charles the Last) from Vienna. Just then in comes Communism ... with so many evils. Guess why Roman Empire is still an option? Because everyone does not agree with Gibbon on when Roman Empire ended.

15:57 Someone unduly occupying a major Catholic Church will in fact do, since each Catholic Church is a temple of God, and its tabernacle usually contains the Temple which tore itself down and build itself up in three days - the Body of Our Lord.

18:29 And in fact, the Catholic Church has sacrifices, so, getting them to cease 3 and a half years at Tribulation's second half of week, that is one point more in common between Antichrist and Protestant Reformations.

As you brought up Jews, I'm myself as "Jewish as Torquemada" if you get my drift (or, ok, somewhat more goy blood perhaps than he, who cares), so - Romans 11 means every Jew who is not a Catholic is a cut off branch, but every Jew has a place in the Catholic Church. God can make each grafted back whenever he choses.

This does not mean Catholicism should "rejudaise", that supposes it was in some important and bad sense dejudaised.

It was dejudaised as to halakha, as Christ's new covenant replaced the Old Temple. Never as to haggada, never as to what it believes. And there are still Catholics who are ethnically the same as those Jews in Jerusalem AD 33 on Pentecost day. They are called Palestinians.

It seems there were only two things you noticed about Rome - it's connection to Roman Catholicism (while missing there was a Church in Rome St. Paul called saints, or more precisely, "called to be saints"), and its empire.

You have not considered its Republic.

Modern ideologies start with a Liberalism which harkens back to the Roman Republic (very pronouncedly so in the days of American and French Revolutions), and Protestantism harkens back to Luther being a disciple of Erasmus who was a nostalgic of the Republican Cicero.

Aix was made part of Republic's Empire under one Calvinus. Sextus Calvinus, hence Aquae Sextiae.

Reminds of another Calvin ... and I don't mean Calvin and Hobbes. And, while Antiochus Epiphanes was a Seleucid, heir of the leopard power, he was also a vassal of the Roman Senate.

So, I agree fourth beast is probably Rome. But in a Republican, anti-monarchic and anti-Catholic sense.

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