Sunday, June 16, 2019

Second Half of Same Video (and Recursion to Debated Statement)

On First Half of a Barron Video · Second Half of Same Video (and Recursion to Debated Statement)

8:20 Probably, part of the problem behind modern doctrine errors is, Étienne Gilson preserving the exact thought of Aquinas is dealing as if with an objet d'art, and divorced in a way from the neo-scholasticism of Jaques Maritain.

Best exception, Rev. Houghton, whose godparents for his conversion were Jacques and Raïssa.

9:05 In my recall of Newman's history of the Arians, not only was homousios a neologism, but the Latin version, consubstantialis, had even been tainted by previous use, in Patripassian heresy (the one opposite to Arian one).

Perhaps it's just my bad memory.

A word can have different meanings in different contexts, like when in XXth - XXIst C. someone says he's "creationist" you ask if he means young earth or old earth creationist - a Catholic obviously should be young earth, even if Fulcran Vigoroux took liberties - but two centuries earlier you would have replied "oh, you think you got your soul from God, not from your father, then?" (opposites being for one Theistic Evolutionist - or Atheistic such - and for other Traducianist).

So, the problem your "Pope Francis" sees with Fundies is surely not that adding millions and billions of years in the timeline somehow is just a neologism for an old doctrine. Even he must realise, they - we, I'm a Fundie in this sense too - see that addition as a novum.

9:49 Homousios may very well be a Greek culture synonym - indeed is - of adequately researched and obvious Biblical doctrine.

Old Earth creationism or Theistic Evolutionism aren't so to an "Evolutionist" culture, since Evolutionist is actually not a culture, but a specific religious stance in it.

0:45 "the nostalgia of Fundamentalists is to return to the ashes"

In other words, your "Pope Francis" was in fact both referring to a term often used about young earth creationists and also given a disparaging psychological explanation, a Bulverism, of it.

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