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Hilbert on Swedish Proposed Rune Ban

Is Sweden Banning Runes?
History With Hilbert | 31.V.2019

2:19 "runes are an alphabet" [plus ensuing parts of his discussion]

Actually, three different ones.

  • 1) Older Rune row, 2:nd C AD, as you mentioned, probably depending on some alphabet from Rhaetia, had 24 letters or runes. (This is where the odal rune comes from, now banned in singled out shape, since symbol for indigenism considered as incitation against ethnic group);
  • 2) in England, there is an extended version of it (used by Tolkien for the map in The Hobbit);
  • 3) Younger Rune row (Scandinavia with other "Viking" countries only), which is Viking age and had only 16 runes.

The now discussed Tyr rune (a T with "slanted roof") is common to all three of them. In older one, it stood for T, in younger, for T and D. But not Thorn and usually not Eth, which would be written Thorn.

I see the English rune row was also used in Frisia, as you mentioned "Anglo-Frisian", I'd say "rune row".

To me, Futhark or Futhork refers to Younger rune row. The other ones don't start with F, U, Th, A/O, R, K.

Banning of Odal Rune in Sweden doesn't concern "letter O," since it is either written with the A/O letter or the U letter in the younger rune row, the one most used by us.

One could imagine banning a certain type of letter O, like the yin and yang symbol ...

I do not think Odal rune is banned in the context of texts written in Older or Anglo-Frisian rune rows.

Using it as abbreviation for example of Olof would be a probable prosecution, and the concerned Olof would be suspected of using "abbreviation" as a lame excuse, unless he was known to be highly pro-immigration. Or at least not highly anti-immigration.

5:29 Gott mit uns - I think this text goes back well before Nazis.

9:39 Good parallel.

There are Christian texts in the Arabic alphabet.

And Sweden is not likely to ban the Shahada or Allah Akbar as long as Löfvén is PM.

Here you have for instance a Bible in two languages online, Arabic and English:

14:33 "descended from Odin" (unless the automatic subtitles went wrong).

As a Christian I would actually agree lots of us are descended from Odin and Frey as well as from non-divinised later Ynglings. Like lots of Italians are descended from another false god, Julius Caesar ....

How do you like my theory that Odin is the Yeshu of the Talmud (at least in contexts prior to trial/execution ones, which seemed calqued on Jesus Christ and are incompatible with his dying in Uppsala region)?

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