Thursday, June 10, 2021

Leviticus 25:23

The Late Great Land Promise Debate, Part 1B: For Sale By Not Owner
10th June 2021 | tektontv

Reminds me of Zionism.

I debated with a Swedish Jew on a forum (I'm a Swede myself) about Zionism having no right to replace the Palestinians.

I mentioned villages had been owned by Palestinians for centuries and they were suddenly replaced by Zionist evictors.
He countered that the Palestinians were in fact tenants, and the Zionists had (in those cases, I think he meant) bought the land from real estate owners in Beyruth or Cairo.
I answered that the right of a community to stay at where they have their land is a priority over the rights of real estate owners.

Now, this seems to vindicate Palestinians on the count of Leviticus 25:23. Thank you for the video!

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