Sunday, June 13, 2021

Not Playing Simon Says with Sinek

Simon Sinek - How To Change Your Future - One Of The Best Speeches Ever for Millennial
18th April 2020 | Video Inspiration

7:35 Job satisfaction and strength of relationships - do they involve dopamin?

12:52 Some people think I'm a millennial, I was born 68.

They think I'm cell phone addicted, but when I'm offline, I'm offline. Sometimes for worse, since, apart from writing the poster with a url (one of the latest posts ideally on one url), and apart of getting money, often without them bothering to see the poster, I don't enjoy begging all that much. It has taken more than a week to do ancestors of Bonnie Prince Charlie back to 64 Matthew Lennox and those of his generation (a lot missing on wiki), and I am not sure I'll get the stats with min, max, median and quartiles for age at first marriage and at death done today - so many were at relevant junction in second marriage, usually after widowhood or widowerhood, Jeanne d'Albret after a papal annulment, and one in his third marriage, so I can't just take the age at that marriage as age at first marriage. If I had had access to daylong internet access, I'd have done it in one or two days, and the people in the cafeteria just might have included some enjoyable conversation.

I don't even possess a cell phone, by the way.

Do you know what CELLPHONE adds up to in ASCII? I'm not a fan of payment without contact either.

13:36 In other words, you don't have that responsibility for me.

[the one he outlines for employers of millennials]

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