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AronRa's Fans

answered me under this video:

Foundations of Feliforme Families
27th Oct. 2010 | AronRa

which I answered in first comment below:

Hans-Georg Lundahl
05:07 "cave paintings tens of thousand years before the flood"

Creationism 101 for you: we do not consider them that old.

Egyptian panthers with a mane - a k a lions (which do not purr) - may with the leopard like creature from the cave painting (which presuably also did not purr, though the leopard cat exists) have a common ancestor aboard the ark (or one male and one female one, rather) from which variations in mane and coloration (spotted or not) have diversified up to the two art works. Egyptian and cave.

None of these animals made it onto Noah's ark for some reason.

Machaeradonts looked so close to panthers, he might have taken it for such?

OR, machaeradonts went extinct after Flood. Like most dinos.

Remember the dating problem ...

And, no, once again, I do not consider it likely that either dogs and bears or cats and panthers descend from tow sets of things looking like viverrids.

Any more than from each other.

I already challenged Dawkins to take a look at my compositions. They do not look similar because they descend from each other (very obviously, none of them either has descendants or descends from any except me) but because they have a common composer.

The label "other composers that live now" as well as the label "music theory and history" are obviously outside the comparison, since no compositions of mine.

"Creationism 101 for you: we do not consider them that old."

Reality 101: That's your problem.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Wow, instead of "Evolutionism 101" you go "Reality 101" ... how is that for prejudice and fanaticism?

@Hans-Georg Lundahl I admit I am prejudiced in favor of reality. You're not, obviously, but as I said, that's your problem.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I am very prejudiced in favour of reality. It is evolution I am not prejudiced in favour of.

Bradley Willis
there are so many typos in your comment i can't even tell what you are saying.. If you are implying that evolution is a myth then i feel bad for what your family must be going through. If you are complimenting this video, and the hard work that goes into teaching this material, i agree. aronra is an excellent teacher.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bradley, are you the kind of guy who takes "in favour of" as a typo for "in favor of"?

I am simply comparing British and US spelling as different degrees of traditionalism and favouring the more traditional one.

IF by any kind of chance you happen to find a real typo, tell me.

As to what my family is going through, depends on whether you mean creationist or evolutionist members of it.

Juan Joya Borja.
Sorry, but that cave painting definitely is 30,000 years old and predates Noah’s ark by a long shot. There’s no way to defend Noah’s ark with this.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
@Juan Joya Borja. 30 000 years old = 2.654 pmC left (in carbon 14 content).

If the samples did start out with 100 pmC, that does mean they are 30 000 years old.

If they started out with 2.654 pmC (which I don't think), they are less than ten years old.

But if they started out in c. 2935 BC with c. 3.9 pmC, the near halflife since then would have made 3.9 pmC sink to c. 2.654 pmC which means a carbon date of 30 000 years old.

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