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Revisiting Göbekli Tepe with Marc Bloemers

CMI on Cave-Men, Neanderthals, Denisovans · Revisiting Göbekli Tepe with Marc Bloemers

Is it possible that the Tower of Babel, which Nimrod’s people built, could have been taller than any existing modern building, and is that why God separated the people?

Answer requested by
Marc Bloemers

Hans-Georg Lundahl
amateur reader of it
Answered just now
In theory, without any kind of reference to archaeology or history outside the Bible … it is possible.

Concretely, with what I go with, no.

It was not a building. It would have reached higher than any modern building, but not by extension from the ground, but by propulsion … it finally did, Bajkonur, Cape Canaveral.

So, Nimrod’s rocket project was interrupted for 4000 years, while God allowed:

  • mankind to become so large that the project wouldn’t draft all of mankind, but be a much more limited élite project;
  • the élite to learn enough about possible fuels not to use Uranium;
  • and enough about astronomy not to try a manned rocket launch straight off to the fix stars and beyond.

In other words, God took pity more than He was indignated.

The main argument against Göbekli Tepe being Babel is, there are no sufficiently tall buildings there. The main argument for it being Babel (apart from temporal, as per carbon dates, and geographic, both a plain found inside Mesopotamia and direction straight West of Mount Judi or very largely straight West from anywhere in Armenia, including larger Ararat, and cultural, GT including cultural memes later found in Polynesia and Australia) is, Graham Hancock thought it looked like a rocket launch.

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