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LXX vs CMI and Some Straight Inquiries where I Just Don't Know

The Age of the Earth According to the Bible
15th Oct. 2020 | Creation Ministries International


10:27 If 480 years is precise, what do we do with chronological statements in judges? Do they overlap?

The reason I ask is, Roman martyrology for dec 25 has Christ born 1510 after Exodus, 1032 after anointing of King David, which anointing was 50 / 51 years before the temple. However with 480 years as exact (not just "on the day" but also with no gaps), it would make more sense to have King David anointed 1081 BC if the Exodus was in 1510. Since that puts the temple in 1030 BC. On the other hand, after making a revision of that chronology, I tried to see if Judges + Samuel + Saul + David + 40 years in the desert + reign of Joshua add up to 480. If we take all statements in judges as serially linked, none in parallel, this seems to add up to more than 480 years. And in that case "480 years" could be, yes, on the day, but after ritual discounting of certain gaps ...


11:56 What is Ussher's pharao for the one drowning in the Red Sea?


13:09 No, to the image, Masoretic is not the original. It is the c. 1000 AD Jewish version of the original.

The LXX and the Vulgate were translated earlier from it.

If we suppose the original text was identic to some version of the LXX, the change in main Hebrew text would have been in the lifetime of Josephus. He added up Shem to Abraham in numbers of LXX and then gave total of Masoretic. He obviously had accepted the decision in favour of now Masoretic timeline, but before that he had learned LXX-identic or near-identic one as a child.

Hence, the Vulgate has the same timeline (but not all other readings in common) with the Masoretic text.

The Samaritan text has a shorter timeline in Genesis 5, but a LXX-identic or near-identic one for Genesis 11. It's LXX without II Cainan - like Roman martyrology stating Christ born 2957 after Flood, 2015 after birth of Abraham, totalling a difference of 942 years (standard version of LXX would make a difference of 1070 by adding 128 years for II Cainan).

13:35 What if Jewry, in response to Hebrews, in their claim "Melchisedec = Shem," revised, intentionally, the text? Or made a choice between concurrent text versions? And, of course, in the life of Josephus, as I stated.

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