Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Quadragesimo Anno and Austria

What is the historical context of Quadragesimo Anno?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
studied Latin at Lund University
Answered 1m ago
  • As the name implies, it comes 40 years after Rerum novarum.
  • It involved real time observation of corporativism (not exactly what an US American may think it is), a kind of employer-friendly syndicalism, both in Italy and in Austria and elsewhere.
  • It approved the model being promoted by Christian Social Party in Austria, and when this later became “Austrofascism,” by coalition with Heimwehr, or more properly Vaterländische Front, Austrofascism vowed to implement Quadragesimo Anno.
  • They got no reprimands for implementing it wrong, Mussolini got a slight one over making corporazioni compulsory, in Austria they weren’t, but were the only syndicates that were legal.
  • The economic model isn’t all, and Austria got no complaints comparable to Italy in Non abbiamo bisogno or Germany in Mit brennender Sorge. Both of these acted, unlike Austrians, as if the state could decide the education for all children.

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