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Reply to LizziesAnswers: 10 Lies Protestants Believe About Catholicism! (From a Protestant)
Joe Angelo

You know, while I first intended to see this, I thought the last parenthesis in the title of this video meant you are a Protestant too, not that you quoted her title in full.

I was even preparing to defend the Rosary against your attacks.

12:36 Suppose you believe 1962 - 1965 in the Vatican saw a genuine Church Council.

I think it was a robber council.

12:43 You might want to check this [unbelievers should not be forced to embrace the faith, i e under any circumstances] out with St Thomas Aquinas.

Question 10. Unbelief in general
Summa Theologiae > Second Part of the Second Part

[More than one article apt on question. Actually 7 to 12, all articles, more or less.]

14:27 I was just trying to investigate whether Fides et Ratio was heretical (against YEC, against Geocentrism, or against Five Ways of Proving God, for instance), but found it a bit long on a quick look.

What paragraph can you recommend on the Galileo issue, if any?

There is one Laudato Si which I refer, it is of course by the Saint from Assisi.

Would you agree there are points of agreement between it (or between song of the Three Young Men in the Furnace, which you know from the hours) and animism / shintoism, except there is a ONE God above the nature spirits?

16:09 Thank you very much for touching on the relationship between infallibility and Biblical inerrancy.

If God can do the one, He can do the other.

Hey Prots, if God can make St Luke's human investigation providentially free from all error, He can also make Pope St Leo's comment on among others it free from all doctrinal error!

Hey Modernists, if God can make Pope Pius IX's Ineffabilis Deus free from all doctrinal error, He can also make Moses' research about Patriarchs back to Adam (stitching patriarchal text onto patriarchal text) free from all factual error!

17:20 sth "finally dogmatised at Trent"

Trent certainly finally included I and II Maccabees. But are you sure it as certainly finally excluded III and IV Maccabees?

Trent certainly finally included Baruch (calling it appendix to Jeremiah, since one could view the books defined as canonic either 72 "or 73 if Baruch counts separate from Jeremiah"). But are you sure it as certainly finally excluded Henoch (the book held as canonic by Ethiopians)?

22:43 The Catechism of Pope Pius X has the stamp of approval by an undoubted Pope and undoubted Saint.

22:48 I would not call CCC a sure norm for teaching the faith, therefore also not Wojtyla a Pope.

He was arguably validly ordained a priest, perhaps even validly consecrated bishop (not sure of the when), but he was arguably not eligible to papacy, since heretical. See decisions like Assisi and Assisi II.

24:48 Chemical means of contraception, now as then, are also abortive : if an ovulum is fertilised, it is prevented from nesting.

25:21 Lambeth Conference 1920 - as anti-Contraception as ever.

Lambeth Conference of 1930 - suddenly pro-Contraception.

Otherwise they would have had to condemn certain innovations in states of US and Canada (perhaps England too), which Pope Pius XI duly condemned in Casti Connubii.

Orthodox Modernists (who like to trace the common Christian view to St Augustine's Manichaean past!) were episcopates following suit about 40 years later.

25:35 Unlike Humanae Vitae, Casti Connubii is actually by a Pope:

Pius XI Encyclicals

I love it.

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