Thursday, October 5, 2017

Dishonest and Unreliable Media on "Priest Suicide"

Three images (I won't link, but URL will be visible in images).


Did you get it? The source was not a good work on St Augstine or St Thomas Aquinas or anyone, the source was a page from a "center" (US for centre, I believe) for Suicide Prevention. And that service for suicide prevention has taken down the page.

It seems the rumour that Catholic priests before St Augustine were committing suicide en masse to get to heaven quicker was not so reliable that the suicide prevention services wanted to keep it.

A moral of this is, alleging someone is suicidal is not always telling the strict truth. There are also such things as baseless allegations!/HGL

PS, one more image from the original video:

Since I am accessing youtube in France, I get "les commantaires ont été désactivées pour cette vidéo". It means "comments disabled for this video"./HGL

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