Monday, October 30, 2017

An Atheist Asking Nominal Catholics to Ditch the Label (Hemant Mehta)

Why Are You Still Catholic?
The Atheist Voice

My comments on successive parts:

I was asking the other day why English is the language in which HOLYBIBLE adds up to 666 in ASCII.

Now you are answering why English is the language in which CATHOLICS add(s) up to 666 in ASCII.

C 67 060 7
A 65 120 12
T 84 200 16
H 72 270 18
O 79 340 27
L 76 410 33
I 73 480 36
C 67 540 43
S 83 620 46

60 % for gay marriage, 51 % for abortion? You nailed the reason!

(yes, OK, I have also heard US is number 1 country for annulments due to insufficient consent or incomplete consent)

1:06 I do, and most Catholics world wide do - are you going to give stats from US again arguing that US Catholics are mostly not such?

I also believe women cannot be priests. Not only should not, but cannot. As in, even if Sinéad O'Conor was "ordained" by a bishop, she was not ordained, the bishop sinned gravely in trying to, she is not a priest.

I do not believe "the Pope always knows best", but I do believe the Popes usually know better than their opponents, and that when they claim infallibility for a pronouncement, they are infallible.

That said, I don't think "Pope Francis" is Pope. I hope I am right Pope Michael is.

When it comes to real presence, you'd be surprised how many Catholics who are NOT Catholics who believe this and stick to Mass despite doctrinal differences on other matters - because of this, more than because of ritual.

The ritual of the New Mass (1960's, final "promulgation" 1970) could be in some cases invalid and is not beautiful, as it is often performed in US. It has driven people away from the Catholic Church, including a lady I knew to Russian Orthodox Church.

If you stick with that, despite not being doctrinally Catholic, you are arguably a strong believer in Real Presence.

2:09 Catholic schools are very often open to non-Catholic pupils.

I e, no one is becoming Catholic JUST because a Catholic school is best in the area, even if that can be the starting point for some.

2:29 I believe "progress" is a destructive organisation and that the Catholic Church or what purports to be so is not getting half as much in the way of it as it should.

The few real Catholics who know what to oppose are at present to few to make a difference by ourselves, in worldly perspective (by prayer, that is another matter).

Are you sure a teacher who "marries" someone of the same sex is a "great teacher"?

I'm not.

As to abuse scandals, why not plea for getting out of normal schools, out of boy scouts or girl guides, boycotting PE and things like that? A few years ago, these were statistically worse offenders than Catholic or "Catholic" clergy.

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