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Six Literal Days (or less) and 7 - less than 8000 years ago. Biblical.

Taking on:

Profesor Robinson: The Bible does NOT Teach that the Earth is 6,000 Years Old!
Stephen Robinson

1:38 168 hours from creation of Heaven and Earth to cessation of Sabbath rest on Saturday evening sounds very logical considering what God says in Exodus.

Or if it was Deuteronomy.

6000 or 7200 years ago, or even 7500 years ago, what is concerned is not Genesis 1 & 2, but more specially 5, 11 second part, the chapters which say Abraham was 100 when Isaac was born, Isaac was sixty when Jacob was born, Jacob was so and so old when he came to Egypt and died there, then you get on a bit whether the soujourn in a strange land mean more like only sounjourn in Egypt, or if patriarchs among Canaaneans before Egypt are involved too, and how many years we get between Exodus and King David.

2:27 You know, if you are arguing verse 1 and 2 cover 12 hours from Saturday evening to Sunday morning, you could be perfectly right.

If you pretend they were not only much longer than the six days, but longer than Adam's lifespan or longer than history from Adam to Abraham or from Adam to Jesus or from Adam to us, you get serious trouble with Mark 10:6.

So obviously do the guys who think you can divorce and remarry.

5:34 Considering what kind of animals Adam was not required to name, and considering what a kind would be in Biblical language, Adam's task could have taken "three to four hours".

So, Adam started at 12:00 Friday, at noon, and went on to 15:00 or 3pm.

Adam slept deeply the exact same hour of the day when Christ died in the Cross. Or, possibly, earlier, and Eve was created at 3pm precisely and that was when Adam woke up and met her - but Adam could also have woken up to meet her sth like 17:45, and God blessing them between 17:45 and 18:00, when first Sabbath started - and _from then on_, days continue evening to evening in Hebrew tradition.

6:14 Adam went a long time without his compliment.

Sure, 3 hours would feel very long on anyone's first day.

And no, you have not Scripturally proven that chapter 2 extended more than to certain hours on one Friday, the first Friday in the history of the Universe.

Therefore, you have not proven either that day 6 in chapter 1 was not literally one day. Therefore, you have not proven Scripturally either that the other days by parallel were not literal days.

And to cover how "naming all the animals" could take just 3 to 4 hours, consider that for what modern zoology calls:

Atelerix albiventris
Atelerix algirus
Atelerix frontalis
Atelerix sclateri

Erinaceus amurensis
Erinaceus concolor
Erinaceus europaeus
Erinaceus roumanicus

Hemiechinus auritus
Hemiechinus collaris

Mesechinus dauuricus
Mesechinus hughi

Paraechinus aethiopicus
Paraechinus hypomelas
Paraechinus micropus
Paraechinus nudiventris

there was one common ancestor in day six, or ancestral couple or ancestral population of males and females, and Adam just had to say "hedgehog".

6:55 "you don't have to believe the Bible teaches the world is six thousand years old"

Thank you, I do prefer LXX text which says more like 7200 years.

But you have so far missed the parts in which the chronology from Adam's creation is measured in years, and in humanly observable years, and as for saying there could have been significantly more years before Adam and Eve were created, you run afoul of Mark 10:6. Plus even a passage in Exodus, or if it was Deuteronomy.

Thank you for trying, I think I had heard most of it before.

Your try at portraying chapter 2 as "more than one day" and of using "evening-morning" as proof against literal day from fact days are counted either midnight to mdnight or evening to evening, that was somewhat new.

That "evening" could refer to brute fact and "morning" to it clearing up, is of course from St Augustine's take, it took one single moment to create it all, but it took seven moments for angels to grasp it, and these were what was communicated to Moses.

But seven nanoseconds instead of 168 hours does not change number of years it was ago.

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