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About Amtrak Accident

Here is William Tapley's video, in which I heard of it:

Train Crash NO Accident! God Warns Trump & GOP!
thirdeaglebooks | 1.II.2018

Since some readers of this blog may be puzzled by the "video comment" format, I will spell it out for you. William Tapley says so and so, on the video, and then I add the actual comment. Obvioously, this format differs from the debate format, where I and other youtube user or I and other quoran actually exchange words.

First comment
where he - in 3:19 - takes the number of the amtrak train 145 as I45 = Isaiah 45.

I add
3:19 You can take 145 as 145 too. There is a book which has that kind of chapter: psalms.

Psalm 145
on Douay Rheims Bible Online

[2] Praise the Lord, O my soul, in my life I will praise the Lord: I will sing to my God as long as I shall be. Put not your trust in princes: [3] In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. [4] His spirit shall go forth, and he shall return into his earth: in that day all their thoughts shall perish.

A warning to GOP voters?

[9] The Lord keepeth the strangers, he will support the fatherless and the widow: and the ways of sinners he will destroy.

A railway is also a "way" - and the Latin has vias. The verb in Latin is even "disperdet" "will make lost asunder", and rails went asunder for that accident.

Second comment
5:42 I think you said all Protestant denominations support legalised abortion.

It seems a certain denomination or congregation of independent freewill etc etc chicken eating Baptists do not do so.

Kent Hovind has a good thing to say on the topic:

Abortion. Dr. Kent Hovind
killertrumpet | 20.VII.2012

He compared at 7:04 the 3000 thousand Americans killed by terrorists on September 11th 2001 to the 4500 Americans killed by abortionists, same day. I think he was arguing for treating abortionists like ... terrorists?

I would agree. One more thing I contacted Trump about (did I or was I too stressed and forgot) was pardoning Bob Dear.

Obviously, next video on the automatic "continue", namely to his view on origins of Islam, is ... showing him a dupe of Alberto Rivera, who might have been a dupe by Cardinal Bea or might have been a fraud himself.

Third Comment
on next day, after recalling William Tapley's enumerating campaign promises ... and I will also add two comment from yesterday on same issue.

1:56 That was one of the pillars of his campaign?

Sure it was his official campaign, his own words?

Could it have been some rumour spreading trying to attract Catholic votes to him?

I am sure Santorum would have defunded Planned Parenthood. I am sure Marco Rubio would at least have conditioned funding on not making more abortions - or at least not so many or for so flimsy reasons. They are Catholics.

Trump is not a Roman Catholic. There was a rumour on his converting, I think the details specified to SSPX, and it seems the source was The Onion, this very excellent news source.

I mean, if a rumour like that was getting him votes, do you think he would have made a great point of denying it, either of the two - or if first was really part of his campaign, the second one?

2:40 Wait ... did I get this right?

GOP-pers are:

  • A) Under Obama several times over voting to defund PP, knowing he will veto the bill;
  • B) and same GOP-pers are NOT not so voting?

Oh, dear God, have mercy on the United States!

Is Trump's border policy even Christian?

Border Patrol Thinks Dead Mexicans Are Hilarious
The Young Turks | 24.I.2018

The very first task of the Israelites when they entered the land of Canaan was to mark off their borders. A nation without borders is no nation at all.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Having a border and killing people (even indirectly, by automatic death traps) just for trying to cross it are two different things.

A border guarded by automatic death traps is a thing a certain Honegger - a Commie you may have heard of - has been accused of and cursed for.

Don't be naive; we need to keep out drugs, weapons, gangs even sleeper cells. There are legal ways to become an American citizen.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Drugs? Fine.

Weapons? Like making Sonora desert a death trap?

"There are legal ways to become an American Citizen."

Not available to everyone, not even to everyone lawabiding - in other respects than that of illegally crossing the border.

ALSO they are not available to those who die in the Sonora desert when that sheriff - you saw the video? - has emptied water bottles put out by No More Deaths.

Guess why the advocacy group is called so?

I would guess, there have been deaths.

They are not trying to help illegal immigrants to stay, they are helping them to survive. That is too much for certain Trump fans, not sure how Trump himself stands on that one. But I am sure, that sheriff from Arizona voted Trump, nearly.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
added next day
"The very first task of the Israelites when they entered the land of Canaan was to mark off their borders."

I actually went to book of Joshua and it seems more like, what they did was mark off internal divisions between the tribes.

Actually, while borders against other peoples were marked off, for instance in Joshua 15 the tribe of Judah is not able to drive away the Jebusites. The main thing is each getting his portion, and the reason why other peoples are driven away in the first place is not "that is how a nation works" it is that the Canaaneans were religious criminals who had it coming.

Jebusites were perhaps less bad then, certainly less bad later on, when King David took the city. But their presence as an enclave proves, a nation can work with non-citizen residents.

The very first comment
even if I post it as fourth. I reacted to when the train crash was, according to video.

0:39 I checked the date of the train crash.

The New York Times : Train Carrying Republican Lawmakers to Retreat Crashes Into Truck

Jan 31.

Then I check the date of my blogpost:

New blog on the kid : Eric Trump to me
[HGL, obviously on this blog] Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Jan 31.

Hmmmm ... I did send Trump a congratulations note (not a very warm one, but saying, even if I'd have preferred Santorum, better he than Clinton) (Or Marco Rubio, not bad either), I sent a request to look into whether John Todd is still alive (despite official reports) and abducted to mental hospitals, and perhaps some more.

I get automatically registered and emails with my name start coming to me requesting me to donate at least 1 US dollar.

But I have no answer on the request.

New Video
Prophetic Meaning of GOP Train/Truck Crash pt 2
thirdeaglebooks | 9.II.2018

Comment by me
4:04 Would Isaiah 45:10 indicate "woman" could be an adress to one's mother?

I just had John 2:4 brought up in debate with Protestants?

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