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Race of Adam and Eve (quora)

What race/ethnicity were Adam and Eve? How do you explain all the black, white, Asian, and Indian babies?

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Two things to note from start.

  • White is not one “race”, but a group of “races” sharing the trait of low pigmentation in most members and involving most cases of blue eyes or blonde or even nutbrown or red hair.
  • Pre-Flood races would involve Neanderthals, Denisovans, Heidelbergians, Antecessors. How many of these are normal human and how many if any is nephelim I am not sure. Obviously “Homo Sapiens” as we know us, after the Flood, was at the end of pre-Flood era one of the pre-Flood races. In Europe, Neanderthals have been replaced by Homo Sapiens.

Now to the question.

  • Between Homo Sapiens and other pre-Flood races, probably very close to Homo Sapiens, since there were only ten generations and no nephelim taint from Adam to Noah. Whether Adam and Eve were pure Sapiens, or had some Heidelbergian or Antecessor traits, I do not know. I do not think they were pure Neanderthal, but I do think one daughter in law of Noah was half Neanderthal, which would explain the admixture of Neanderthal alleles in some post-Flood generations.
  • Between diverse “Sapiens races”, “white” in most colour-un-related traits, like nose shape or lipp thickness (since here “black” or “yellow” are extremes), but not white in colour, since red hair with green eyes is a Neanderthal mutation, white skin also a mutation even post-Flood and so is blue eyes, blonde hair. Between the diverse white races, probably something like Middle East or Mediterranean or sth, unless “Nordic” has previously been more prevalent in Holy Land.

Obviously, this is a guess, but I think it is a fair one.*

Second part of question - I accept that mutations happen and that some become more prevalent than others in diverse populations through genetic drift.

Denying this makes no sense to a Christian Young Earth Creationist, it would make more sense to a Pagan Greek who believed in gods creating different men in different places with different original and totally preserved traits differing from those of other peoples. Believing in Adam and Eve, I also believe in mutations, selection, genetic drift. Not believing in autochthonoi, I do not believe in racial fixity.

* Pun noted.

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