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Tony Reed on Dating Assumptions, Answered

How Creationism Taught Me Real Science 65 Dating Assumptions
Tony Reed | 24.XI.2017

An excuse
Ice cores are not my thing, so far.

No answer on that one.

The bristlecone pine dated at 5067 years ...

We are 4975 after the Flood ...

0092/4975 = 0.0184924623115578 = 1.85 %

Acceptable error for dendro, I would say ...

Bristlecone pines cross dated 14,000 years back, source appreciated?

Other little detail on dendro.

For dating of sth from 1400 AD, dendro is VERY reliable. For dating of sth from 1400 BC, clearly less so.

Like that other lignine related dating : paper or written documents.

Older times = scarcer lignine sources.

Scarcer lignine sources = less reliable.

This is a graph on a bottleneck of dendro dating:

Seems a bit - noncoinciding, as to the diverse subgraphs.

The source for this is:

I found this while looking for a source for 14,000 BP dendro dates on google.

Carbon, now.

  • 1) Cross check with dendro : some of the agreements in cross dated tree material is so sketchy, that some of the dendro used to check the carbon is itself dependent on carbon.
  • 2) Cross check with thermoluminiscence : in my scenarii for a carbon build up, we anyway need to have a faster carbon 14 production. For the time of Göbekli Tepe, if identic to Biblical Babel (Genesis 11), this means eleven times faster. This means, the warping of carbon dates and the warping of thermoluminiscence dates would be fairly parallel. Also, I think thermo is even calibrated by carbon.
  • 3) older than 50,000 years - well, the carbon 14 found in dinosaurs are for ages like 49,000 to 22,000 years, unless it was even 39,000 to 22,000 years (note, saw this in subtitles, and a subtitling can confuse "thirty" and "forty").

Longer than carbon
Uranium half lives ... the amount of heat released under diverse circumstances of speed of decay are in fact not observed.

Neither can a significant portion of half life be checked against historically known material.

For C14 a quarter of the halflife is 1432 years, or so. But 1430 years ago, we are talking Emperor Maurice, just after Tiberius II had died. A child's play to check. Historically.

Object x = early years of Emperor Maurice.
Object x = C14 = (1/2)^1/4 = 84.1 % modern carbon.

Must have been verified several times over.

12:07 Potassium argon. Same observation as with Uranium as to halflife, plus "excess argon".

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