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Jew and Anabaptist Quarrel, This Catholic Comments (on First Minutes)

Rabbi confronts Christian proselytizing at Israeli Independence Fair in L.A. 2014
JewTube | 7.V.2018

1:20 "Inquisition" - "Those are Catholics, Catholics are not Christians."

OK, Inquisitors "slit Jewish throats"?

Perhaps fake converso throats, before burning, but I actually think a fake converso missing his umpteenth (or second) chance of being a true Catholic, if he were killed before the burning, it would be by strangling.

No Jew remaining a Jew had his throat touched by Inquisition.

Some had to leave France to nearby Holy Roman Empire. Some had to leave Papal states to nearby parts of Italy. Most traumatising, some had to leave Spain either to Portugal or across the sea.

But they were not liable to killing by Inquisitors.

If a Jew converted, however, he was expected to really convert.

1:40 "Martin Luther" - "He came out of Catholicism, he is kind of Catholic lite"

When it comes to anti-Judaism, he was actually heavier than Catholics, most of them. [of us]

Interesting also that this Baptist is so well informed that Lutherans are not a Church existing for 2000 years outside Catholicism, but a sect separating from them more recently ... and yet he is not a Catholic.

Wonder if he has some Ruckmanite myth about where the Church persisted before Luther?

If he says "Celtic Christianity" I'd say it recently revived, in Switzerland. Check out Écône. Monseigneur Lefebvre was kind of a "maverick Catholic" doing his stuff without really taking too much the Pope into account, and that is more or less what Celtic Christianity was.

When he decided the four bishops would not have territorial jurisdiction, but just serve within the community, he was even modelling that on Irish monasteries having several bishops under an abbot who did not need to be a bishop.

3:36 "in those days Jesus was called sth else, he was called Astarte or he was called Baal"


An Anabaptist loves to make this charge against "Mariolatry" or against the Holy Eucharist or (if he's into Sabbath keeping) even the Julian or Gregorian Easter date.

Now he gets it back from the real source, a Jew who, very incorrectly, considers that even worshipping Jesus is worshipping Baal.

Now, of course all these charges have to be answered to a Jew. But a Jew calling the worship of Jesus Baal worship is the top answer to an Anabaptist making Hislopite accusations against Rome.

Hislop = Judaism lite.

3:46 "Jesus is my lamb of God, where is your animal sacrifice?"


Jesus is the Eucharistic Host. Or sacrificial lamb. He fulfils the prophecy of Malachi 1:11.

Jesus is also the Eucharistic Priest. He fulfils the promise "tu es sacerdos in aeternum secundum ordinem Melchisedec" in the Psalm by David "Dixit Dominus Domino meo".

In other words, in the time of St Paul, Christians and Jews could be disputing on which sacrifice would be lasting.

In AD 70 (or most place it that year), the temple was destroyed, and the Jew can now only say:

"we pray daily, and that takes the place until we have an altar again."

I am not sure the Anabaptist should be saying "lovely" to "we pray daily".

One of my doubts about Pius XII as a Catholic Pope is this, he allowed Jews to pray their daily prayers in the Assisi Cathedral while no Germans and no unknown Fascists were watching, but they switched to singing the hours (disguised as Franciscans, so the Franciscan zuchetto could replace the kippa or yarmulke) when an unknown Italian Fascist or a German soldier entered the Cathedral.

This was of course in his rescuing of Jews, but it seems the Assisi Cathedral was not exorcised and reconsecrated after Jews had been praying in it.

Why is this grave?

"Birkat HaMinim ("the sectarians, heretics") - asks God to destroy those in heretical sects (Minuth), who slander Jews and who act as informers against Jews."

This is prayer number 12 in the Amidah prayer.

It is directed against the Catholic Church. Against the people of God.

Also, the prayers 14 and 15 are at least erroneous and will be taken as "fulfilled" when Satan sends the Antichrist, by some:

"Boneh Yerushalayim ("Builder of Jerusalem") - asks God to rebuild Jerusalem and to restore the Kingdom of David."
"Birkat David ("Blessing of David") - asks God to bring the descendant of King David, who will be the messiah."

The Kingdom of David is the Catholic Church. The Messiah has already come, 2000 years ago.

So, no, the Anabaptist should not be saying "lovely" when the Jew says "we pray every day".

4:34 I've enough of it for now, I like neither of these fat men, neither the rabbi nor the pastor.

Yes, I know, the video is 17:38 minutes:seconds, but I'm quitting here for today.

This reminds me so much why I prefer debating over internet.

If I'm insulted, I will at least probably calm down before my answer is ended, while I research it.

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